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July 2013 PopSugar Must Have Review

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So, I said back in May that it would be my last PopSugar Must Have box, even though it was amazing.  Then in my June review (which, uh, never made it out of draft form) I admitted that I got another one because PopSugar is hard to cancel (not possible on my iPhone or iPad) and because it was my birthday month.  Then I loved that one so much I basically decided I'm never cancelling this as long as I can afford it.  I am now down to JUST Ipsy and PopSugar (I think - there might be one more QVC test tube coming), and the Ipsy is all paid up for the next year, so this is the only recurring monthly beauty sub I get charged for.  I have been SO GOOD with saving up in all other areas of my life, so whatever.  I deserve it and it makes me happy.  

Date of arrival: July 6, 2013.  Early this month.  

Packaging: Same size box and same packaging as usual - white and bright pink.

Contents and mini reviews: 

The first item is something I haven't tried out yet due to the fact that I don't have an appropriate pitcher - Mighty Leaf Ginger Peach Iced Tea ($8.33).  I have tried out Mighty Leaf before, maybe in the Summer Barbeque Cravebox last year?  It was tasty.  I expect this one to be tasty.  Would repurchase if it was in front of me at the store and on sale.  (I generally only buy beverages that are on sale, and stick to water / diet coke otherwise).  

Next up was the Hannahmax All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips in Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip ($2.00).  These were good but they really just made me want a regular Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookie.  You know, a big gooey soft kind.  Wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase, but would eat and enjoy them if someone put a bag in front of me.  

The next item I pulled out was the Tovolo King Cube ice cube tray ($8.50).  I am a wine drinker, but Justin drinks liquor.  However, he HATES ice.  These are supposed to melt slower so it doesn't water down the drink, so he said he's willing to try it out.  If he doesn't like it, I will absolutely pop them in my big honkin' water pitcher (courtesy of the Akron General Labor and Delivery unit).  This isn't the kind of thing I'd buy for myself, but maybe if I really love it and our normal sized ice cube trays break or are stolen by gnomes I'll get another one.  

I also received Supergoop's City Sunscreen Serum ($42).  I haven't tried this because I'm swimming in sunscreen thanks to Sephora, but I got the Everyday Face and Body Moisturizer in the CEW Insider's Choice box and I love it.  I will use all of the Supergoop products my beauty subs send me, but I probably wouldn't ever actually pay for it because that shit's expensive.  

I was a little scared to open the next item, as the bag appeared to have jizz goop all over it.  I soldiered on and was pleasantly surprised.  I really love this Baublebar rose gold double curb chain necklace ($28).  Off the top of my head, that is the fourth accessory PopSugar has sent me that I have absolutely fallen in love with (the gold necklace in the March box, the key necklace I bought with the gift card in May's box, the GORGEOUS scarf in June's box and now this).  

I loved it so much I popped in on and took a picture, despite not being photo ready in the slightest.  Whatever, Adriana looks cute.  (She insists on hanging out with me to photograph everything that comes in the mail, in case you were wondering why she's always in my pics and Lucy isn't.  L can't be trusted to not wander in the street while I unbox.)

The last item was an ncLA nail polish in the shade As If! ($16).  I have actually never heard of this brand (and if I had, it clearly didn't make much of an impression).  The color is nice, but I have probably 5-6 that are similar.  I will post swatches if I use it any time soon.  Would probably not repurchase, only because I am really picky about nail polish and have 3-4 brands I adore so I'd rather buy the latest from those brands.  

Value: Sooo...$8.33+$2+$8.50+$42+$28+$16........$104.83.  PopSugar is definitely sticking to their promise to send boxes valued at $100 or greater.  You can get the Supergoop for cheaper, but probably via non-authorized dealers or with huge shipping fees so I just went with the $42.  

Overall impression of the box:  I didn't love this one like May or June, but it was definitely a solid effort.  I will wear the shit out of that necklace so that alone pretty much made the box for me.  I would have rather had different beauty products than the ones they sent - they could have sent a REALLY NICE palette for that price.  But it's not like I won't use the sunscreen so whatever.  

Overall impression of the service: This is pretty much my favorite sub, I just can't quit it.  Even the items I don't love make great gifts.  I wish they would send less practical stuff (garment bag, ice cube trays) since I don't really think of that kind of thing as being "fun" or "exciting" in the way that beauty and fashion or even food and fitness items are. I think the strength of the box is definitely in the accessories.  It's never stuff I'd pick out myself but I just LOVE them all.  

If you like this box and want to sign up, I'd love if you'd use my referral link!  Be sure to check out the gorgeous scarf in the June box while you are there, since I failed to review that month (too bad, it was one of my favorites!!)  This is a good time to join because August is the anniversary month so I'm sure it will be amazing.  They already said that a $65 Gorjana & Griffin necklace will be included, yay!!! 

So, fellow beauty/lifestyle box subbers...which subscription is the one you just can't quit?

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Jessica said...

Aww, an extra-awesome anniversary box sounded good, but I looked into subscribing and it would start with September.