Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Subscription Service: Review and Giveaway

These products were sent to me for review.  As per usual, I asked if they would hook up my readers with a giveaway too.  Thanks, Me Undies!

I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE when non-beauty subs contact me to review their service.  It's a very nice break from the norm.  I had no idea that underwear subscription services existed, but I'm not surprised.  Subscription service addicts like me will try em all :)  Underwear is the one thing I actually don't hoard and get rid of on the regular, so it has a pretty short shelf life in my house.  A cute new pair of undies each month sounds delightful. is interesting because the subscriber can actually pick the exact pair of underwear he or she wants each month.  To sign up, you simply check the auto-ship box when placing an order.  This allows you to get your undies for $16 instead of $20.  At that point you are automatically enrolled in the monthly subscription program, but you can cancel at any time.  If you log in between the 1st and the 6th of the month, you can pick what color you want by placing it in your cart, otherwise Me Undies will choose for you.  Easy peasy!

The packaging is right up my alley, and a very nice change from the hot pink favored by every beauty sub ever.  Love the black!  

I came *thisclose* to actually posting pictures of myself modeling the undies (not the thong, I promise), then I came to my damn senses and remembered that one of the attorneys I work with knows about my blog.  So no pics of me posing in my undies at extremely strategic angles will be floating around my workplace.  (You can all let out that sigh of relief now).  

Here is what they sent me, held up by a SIGNIFICANTLY cuter model.

Adriana has already learned how to smize.
First up, a solid black t-shirt.  Did they send someone to check out my closet first?  A black t and jeans might as well be my uniform.  Me Undies sells crew necks and v necks in white, black, gray, and green.  Pretty basic selection, but the quality is great.  They are lightweight without being see through, and they hold up nicely in the wash with no shrinkage.  At $20 they are a bit pricey, but I will certainly spend that much on the v-neck if this one makes it through 10 or so more washes without fading.  

Undies for my rear are smaller than they appear.
Me Undies sells two types of underwear - thongs and briefs.  Unfortunately, they only range from XS to L, but I am always somewhere between a L and XL and the fit was perfect. The briefs are the hip-hugger / boy brief style that I love - perfect for lounging around my bedroom on these hot summer nights.   And they are EXTREMELY comfortable.  There are currently 5 solid and 4 prints up on the website, one of which is the "color of the month" (I assume what you get if you don't specifically select a color that month).  They are all super cute, I'd wear any of them except the July one (my lady bits aren't that patriotic, haha).  The elastic band is really comfortable and I love the extra pop of color (if you can't tell from the pic, the band is black but the inside is purple).  Like the t-shirt, they have held up well after a few washes with no shrinkage or fading.  

Butt floss!
Let's be honest...I haven't been a thong wearer since about week 12 of my first pregnancy.  I got a hanky panky thong in my popsugar must have subscription box that I actually really like, but most other thongs just drive me nuts these days and I just want them OFF MY B-HOLE.  In the name of blogging, I tried it out for you guys.  This one was a pretty standard thong, a little on the thin side so not quite as high quality as the other two items I received.  It's pretty but not my thing.  They have 4 colors on the website, with only size M and L currently available.  

So, would I subscribe?  If I had unlimited cash flow, absolutely.  However, I am really trying to crack down on my budget, and $16 for underwear, even SUPER CUTE, SUPER COMFORTABLE underwear, is just too steep for me.  However, I will be keeping a very close eye on this one to see if the subscription price comes down or if they ever have a sale.  I really do love the briefs and would buy a pair in every color if they were more affordable.  Back to Gillian O'Malley for me, but with a bit of a heavy heart.  

If you guys are interested in subscribing, click here.  You can use the code DINI to get 20% off your order.  Enjoy!!!

And now for the giveaway...I have three pairs of socks from Me Undies - one for each of three lucky winners.  These are nice and thick, and not at all stinky, despite what Adriana says. 

U.S. residents 18 and older only, please.  This giveaway will end and the winners will be selected via rafflecopter at 12:00 am EST on July 25.  Prizes will be sent the following Monday, assuming you all have responded to my email and sent your address by then.  
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Emily said...

Their briefs are super cute! I would definitely wear those (but I agree with you that $16 a pair is a leeetle steep).

Susan said...

I love the concept, the sizing would be the only thing keeping me away. I saw on their site they have a 365 undies plan, which went up to xxl - so I wonder why they don't for other things. Anyways - I had NO IDEA this service even existed, and I thought I knew all about the monthly boxes! Phew, I have a lot of catching up to do it seems!

Shannon H said...

I got my first thong from them this month and I love it. I can't wait to try a mystery box!

Maria Melee said...

I'm definitely a hipster briefs kind of girl.

Lacey said...

I'm a big fan of the Gilligan's too, woman. More specifically, the sort of silky ones that come in only 4 styles and have no panty lines at know those? They are the best!

Jessica said...

I'm thinking I need some new brief-type underwear. (And have for the last year. Oops!)

Shannon said...

I like those little lacy boyshort things. :)

Julie Raye-Rod. said...

The hipsters are my fave

Ann Raye said...

I love the briefs!

lindilala said...

I love wearing hipsters

Donna said...

Low rise are the best

Julie said...


Jill O. said...

Low rise bikini cut is my favorite.