Friday, August 16, 2013

101 in 1001 Update

I seriously doubt that many of you have been around long enough to remember that I have a 101 in 1001 list, but I do, and it expires some time around Christmas.  I updated some items here and here, so I need to cross some things off so I can make a plan of attack for what's left to do (half the list still, OMG).  

2) Do not miss any more photo shoots for the kids: I have an appointment for the girls' 2 year and 4 year pictures done this weekend, which means that I have actually accomplished this.  I am pretty good about getting photos done on the regular.  

14) Make a family birthday / phone number / address list: I actually accomplished this one two Christmases ago.  I even list what I buy each year to avoid repeat gifts.  It's a lifesaver.  

15) Make/buy a rack for the firewood; split wood:  I am going to call this one done because I did deal with the firewood, but not in the way I originally intended.  We paid our landscaper to haul it away when he cleared out our back yard earlier this year.  It looks way nicer now, and the wood was rotting anyway so it's not like we were going to use it.  

19) Watch 10 movies in a theater:  We have probably done this one twice over.  Let me see if I can come up with 10 off the top of my head...Elysium, The last Twilight movie, The Great and Powerful Oz, Wreck It Ralph, Silver Linings Playbook, Ted, My Idiot Brother, One For The Money, Hunger Games, Brave.  

20) Complete Couch to 5k Program: I did this while training for the Akron Marathon Relay last fall, talked about it here.  

21) Run a 5K in an official race with a t-shirt prize: I finished my couch to 5K program with the Race Around the Park, which I talked about here.  And I did get a t-shirt out of it :)

33) Take kids to an aquarium:  We took the girls to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium last November, I blogged about it here.  

37) Go to a concert: Justin and I have seen Radiohead the past few times they came to Blossom Music Center (most recently this show in June of 2012).  I would have thought we went to more concerts than that in the past few years...Justin said Lilith Fair and Pearl Jam but both of those seem like it would have been before I made the list.  Whatever.  We are lame.  

40) Buy additional counter space / shelving unit for the kitchen: It's not pretty, but we got this shelf from Target for all of our food (but in white).  It's convenient and I can keep it organized enough most of the time, so it's good enough for me.  

43) Go to lupus and/or heart doctor to figure out what the deal is:  The deal was anxiety, yo.  I don't even know where my Xanax is these days, so I think that knowing really was half the battle for me.  Now that I'm not worried I'm having a heart attack, I can just calm myself down on my own 99% of the time.  I still take it for flights, and if work ever made me testify I'd need a whole bottle, but other than that I'm good.    

44) Go to dermatologist for rosacea; check all moles:  Yep, talked about my appointment here and my roseacea winter skin care routine here.  Honestly, my rosacea is probably the same as when it was untreated, but at least it's not getting any worse.  

45) Take kids to a water park:  We took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge 71 weeks ago (per instagram).  I didn't blog about it because we lost Adriana at one point and I am still freaking traumatized.  I was watching the slides waiting for her to come down and it turned out that she bolted up the giant tower thing instead because slides weren't hardcore enough for her.  It seriously shaved years off my life.  That being said, we would go again.  With leashes.  

49) Take kids camping: Hocking Hills this July.  I still plan to write about it.  

50) Go on a romantic weekend getaway with Justin:  I am going to go ahead and count our trip to Atlantic City last Halloween.  It wasn't really ROMANTIC since we were there with other people, but it was after a really rough patch in our marriage and we really reconnected with each other on that trip.  Plus we really don't get many opportunities to travel sans kids, so we take what we can get.  

52) Learn all of the neighbors' names:  Done.  I FINALLY know the name of the lady next door who won't talk to me, since she came out to yell at my landscaper for crossing over the imaginary yard line (ha).  I have known all of my other immediate neighbors' names for a long time now.  We participated in a fake parade and barbeque with more distant neighbors this fourth of July and met some more people. 

53) Bake something for someone for no reason: Fall 2011 (when my kids looked like this!!) I went on a pumpkin muffin baking spree and made them for pretty much everyone I know.  

55) Visit 2 out of state friends:  I am going to count PJs at TJ's 1 and 2 and the Blathering, even though technically only PJ's 1 was at Kelly's house in her actual state.  A HUGE Blathering bonus was meeting Lacey and Heather, and they both live out of state (just not in NOLA).  It counts, dammit.  

57) Cook a turkey dinner:  Nailed it!

60) Plan a play date at my house: My good friend had twins around the same time I had Lucy, and we had them over at our house the day I took the pics for this post.  I have no idea why I remember that, but I do.  

62) Donate 10 bags of clothes to Goodwill:  I have done this twice now, and I am working on round 3.  

68) Cook a meal for a new mom:  I made Mexican Cornbread Casserole for Justin's cousin's wife Natalie (and family) when kiddo #3 was born in January 2012.  

75) Take kids to pool 10 times: We have done this many times over, I'm sure.  My parents have a membership to a country club and we often go on the weekend (or random days I take off work).  Some of the pics in this post are from the most recent time.  

80) Get birth certificates, passports, and social security cards for entire family in a safe place:  I started to post where I put them, then decided that would be colossally stupid.  But this is done. 

82) Bake a birthday cake for Justin: Nailed it!

85) Get another tattoo:  I got a bird tattoo on my right shoulder last year.  I am not sure that I would want to get a tattoo during an intense time of my life ever again, but I still like it and the meaning behind it.  

91) Visit a state I have never been to: I had never been to Arizona or Louisiana before my bloggy friend trips, and I hadn't spent much time in New Jersey before Atlantic City.  

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Lacey said...

Yay! It seems like you are doing pretty good at your list! And from the stuff remaining, sure, some of it can't be done (cough365photoproject) before Christmas, but I think you are definitely going to surpass me in your completion percentage. I'm an utter failure. :P