Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 2013 PopSugar Must Have Review

I went home at lunch to see if my Allure box came, and instead I found my PopSugar Must Have box.  I can't say I was disappointed.  I really, really, really love this subscription - seeing the box on my doorstep makes me giddy.  

Date of arrival: August 6, 2013.

Packaging: Same as usual.  I should also mention that all of the breakables and spillables were securely packaged / separately wrapped.  

Contents and mini reviews: This month's box is PopSugar's anniversary box.  Happy Birthday, PS!  It has a very "back to school" feel to it, which is fine by me since I am a nerd and love back to school time.  

The first item I pulled out was a little black jewelry bag.  I should have known what was in it because PopSugar spoiled it in an email and then I posted about it in my last review, but my memory just isn't what it used to be.   The Gorjana Open Circle Necklace ($65) is PopSugar's one year anniversary gift to us, so I'm assuming it's not meant to be included in the value of the box.  Sweet!  The necklace is simple but pretty, and is a great layering piece.  For purposes of comparison, I showed it next to the Taner Bar Small Necklace that I bought with a coupon code PopSugar sent us in the June Box.  The chain isn't as delicate as the Taner chain and is a bit longer.  This will definitely become a staple piece.  

The next item I received was the Bentgo All-In-One Stackable Lunch Box ($14.99 on amazon).  Not the most exciting item ever, but as a mom I will definitely use the crap out of these.  

My box had the Lulah Body Wash in Peony ($11.25).  Based on the picture in the book (which shows Magnolia Fig), it sounds like they sent out a variety of scents.  Lulah's website tells me they have Citron, Tamarind Ginger, and Vanilla Orchid as well.  How amazing do those scents sound?  Peony just smells like "pretty soap"; it's a very light, fresh scent.  I am always up for a new body wash to try, so this will get used as soon as I finish my current bottle.  

How cute is this little Weekly To-Dos Notebook by May Designs ($17)? I love it!  And I love it even more now that I know I can use the website to customize and monogram to my little OCD heart's content.  These would make awesome Christmas presents!  Ahh I am so excited!!!  Also?  That little "People Against Ugly Notebooks" sticker made me lol.  

The only item that I was kind of meh about was this Lunares Apple Bowl.  I was mystified when I saw a little black box, then I was excited when I could tell it was a bowl of some sort, then I was like "Oh.  An apple." when I saw what it was.  I am not really sure why anyone who is not a teacher would want a little apple dish.  Which I suppose makes it an ideal teacher gift (assuming they aren't sick of apples), but f that.  This is MY PSMH box, I'm not regifting.  I'll use it to hold jewelry or something.  It was hard to figure out how much this is worth as it's not sold separately, it's part of this 7 piece set.  I guess I'll assume everything is priced equally and say it's worth $21.43.  

I am really excited to get these dermalogica precleanse and special cleansing gel deluxe samples.  I have seen countless YouTube videos talking about the brand, but I've never tried it myself.  I am particularly interested in the precleanse since I have wanted to test out the makeup removing properties of various oils.  There are about a zillion oils in the precleanse ingredients, so I guess I get to try them all at once.  I am a little grossed out by the use of the term "milky emulsion" though, so I'm going to stop reading the label on that one.  The special cleansing gel has lavender in it, so I'm not sure if it will irritate my rosacea or not.  The precleanse is $35.99 for a 5.1 oz sample, and this was a 1 oz, so it's worth $7.06.  The cleansing gel is $31.00 for 8.4 oz, and this is a 1.7 oz sample, so it's worth $6.27.  

These Granny Smith Apples by NatureBox were this month's special extra.  NatureBox is a snack subscription box ($19.95 for 5 snacks, so I'll say this is worth $4).  I will give them to the girls when I'm too lazy to get up and prepare something.  

The box included information on a giveaway to win a trip to meet Lauren Conrad (heh), a 20% off code for Lulah (POPSUGAR), a 25% off code for dermalogica (it's a unique code and I will use it if I like the precleanse), and a 50% off code for naturebox (POPSUGAR).  

Value: So, for those of you playing at home, the box was worth $82.00 even without the necklace, and another $65 with it, for a total value of $147.  I'd say it's not 100% honest for PSMH to say the necklace is a gift if the rest of the box isn't worth $100, but I'll forgive them.  

Overall impression of the box: I was VERY happy with this one despite not being thrilled with the apple.  I love everything else and will use it all.  Another A+ effort by PSMH.  

Overall impression of the service: I am in love.  

Do you guys get PSMH?  If not, what are you waiting for?  

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kirida said...

That necklace is really cute. I would also be interested in how the granny apples tasted. Sometimes I've had them and they were too rubbery. And that apple bowl is a little too small to be useful!

Mama Bub said...

That necklace is super cute. I have contemplated the box, and might try it out at some point. I really like the $10 price point of the ipsy box, because if it all sucks, it's $10. But I've been super jealous of some of the popsugar items, so I might have to jump on board.

purplelara said...

MILKY EMULSION. Ahhhh. No, stop.

Oh, I want this box SO BAD. I really wish they'd ship to Canada.

I kind of like the little apple dish. I'd put it on my desk at work and fill it with paper clips or something. It's fun!


Susie said...

Haaa I love the apple bowl. I didn't even think of the teacher thing, but you're right, it'd be perfect for that.

Also, yes, milky emulsion should not be a thing. Though it reminds me of doing extractions at work, when we get flocculant precipitates.