Friday, August 30, 2013

First Date

My coworker told us he is going to Olive Garden for the first time tonight (which is insane - I can't imagine an Italian Margarita free existence), and it kicked off a long conversation about the chain.  He then mentioned that it's his brother's go-to first date location, which brings me to the purpose of this post.

I know it's been a long time since I've been on a first date (ours was September 19, 2006), but I am pretty sure that if a dude had taken me to the OG on the first date, it would have significantly harmed his chances for a second date.  Not because I didn't like Olive Garden, or because I was a snob who wanted a 5 star restaurant.  I was a totally different kind of snob.  I would have immediately assumed that a guy who wanted to go to Olive Garden was a generic kind of guy, and wasn't for me. 

My ideal first date would have been some sort of hole in the wall place that serves authentic Thai or Indian or Ethiopian or Vietnamese.  A place with character, that isn't a chain.  Bonus points if the guy was a little scruffy, a whole lot geeky, and was a bit of a hipster without, you know, intentionally going out of his way to be a hipster.  [I know, I know.  But a girl likes what a girl likes.]

So how does that compare with my first date with Justin?  We went to a bar.  And I'm pretty sure we went to a bar for our next couple of dates too.  We drank beer, played pool, and had a really good time.  If I couldn't compete with my date on who had had been to the most amazing indie rock concerts in the smallest venue a few years before anyone had even HEARD of them, I was definitely up for competing in games of skill.  

I'm glad he didn't take me to Olive Garden almost 7 years ago, because I think we quickly would have run out of things to talk about and it would have ended there.  Instead, our dates were more like two friends hanging out and less like interviews.  Which is important, if you end up marrying the guy and making adorable little girls together down the road. 

Gratuitous adorable little girl picture: 

Today was technically their first day in Preschool 2 and Toddler 2.
And you can see some pictures of young ass Laura and Justin here.  

So let's talk about first dates...what's your ideal date, and how does it compare with the first date with your significant other?  What's the best first date you have ever been on?  The worst?


Kara Keenan said...

Full disclosure- I haven't been on a first date since October 1995. My "first date" with my husband was breakfast at Bickford's Pancake House when we were 17 years old. We skipped school that day, and hung out the whole day. It's hard to say I ever had a better first date (cue sappy music and picture montage of people frolicking on a beach). Fun story for another time- the first time I met my husband, he was on a date with another friend of mine.

Worst first date- I was 16. This guy I had known forever kept asking me out. I eventually gave in. He took me to a mall. To make his ex-girlfriend who worked at a mall kiosk jealous. I figured out what was going on after we walked down the same hallway for the third time. Demanded he take me home, refused to talk to him again.

Navigating the Mothership said...

Would like to tell you about one of my worst first dates, which just happened to involve Olive Garden. Bonus points for meeeeee!

Okay, so I was 15 and a Sophomore. My friend Shannon had dated this guy Josh all through Jr High. He was a year older and had decided they needed to take a break and date other people. Shannon took this to mean if he went on a date with someone else then he would have that experience and would return to her quickly, ready to commit. She asked if I would be willing to go on a date with Josh, and being 15 and very very young and wanting to be a good friend, I said yes. I was not attracted or interested in Josh. It also didn't occur to me to be completely offended by the proposition.

Just GUESS how this all worked out!

Okay so the day of the date arrived (which was awkwardly set up by phone, ugh, so stressful!) and Josh picks me up and didn't really have a plan but we end up at Oliver Garden because he asked for a place and I loved OG. I was super nervous and this was just the first of many first dates where eating like a normal person was a struggle because of the nerves. I place my order (probs soup/salad/breadsticks) and then Josh orders...water.

I was the only one eating.

(I'm leaving meaningful spacing for visualization.)

Anyway, the awkwardest of awkward first dates eventually ends and it turns out that Josh has a crush on me and didn't intend for this to be some one time thing. Dude had been harboring a crush on me for a while and all the time I had been sitting in front of Shannon in the chem class we all had together (he was sitting in the back of the room). Ugh, it was bad. Shannon was wary of me for the rest of high school even though I stopped the situation after the first date(a bummer since I really liked her). I somehow did end up on another date of sorts with him months later that summer where I snuck out and it was much more casual and sort of exciting given the sneak-out thing but I still wasn't attracted so nothing happened. On that second hang-out date I found out he didn't have enough $$ on the first date hence not ordering food. HAAAAAA. Oh, young dating and all the messes it contains.

Finally, I meant to post long ago about Mirena but I was NOT a fan. Had it less than a year and while i did not have spotting problems (and consider myself lucky) I did get a faint period, but not regularly and with no ability to anticipate it. Turns out I like the cycle with it's annoying accompanying side effect. It explained moods & bloat so much better! Otherwise I would have dips in my self-esteem and be left questioning if I was suddenly a loser. (A typical PMS symptom for me is "sudden loss of self-esteem") My husband also felt the strings and therefore was NOT a fan (I was advised not to mention the strings to keep him from noticing...but duh...pokey things are noticeable!) I will try out the copper IUD along with the snip-snip for A. once this baby comes along. I believe I'll still get my period on that. The only potential downside would be pokey strings, in which case it will be removed.

Okay, done with longest comment EVAH!

kirida said...

Awww, first dates! Man it's been a looong time since my last one, which was with my husband. He took me to a No Doubt concert and we had so much fun. That would be a fun first date, something upbeat and lively and even if you didn't enjoy the person, you could enjoy the music? Or make a run for the exit.

Swistle said...

My favorite first date was when I was 16 and the guy took me "sand-duning"---which sounds naughty but is more like playing in a giant sandbox. And really there isn't much to it: you climb up dunes and then jump/slide down (HOLDING HANDS OMG OMG OMG). Then we went to McDonald's and had sundaes. At that age, this was my Absolute Ideal Date: something creative and silly, followed by something casual and sweet.

NOW, I'm not sure what I'd want. Probably movie and then ice cream---because there's time for a little talking before the movie, but then the rest of the talking is AFTER the movie, so you can talk about the movie.

Laura Diniwilk said...

@ kara - Your first date with your husband reminds me of my first date with my high school love. aww.

@ navigating - haa i am cringing at your first date. so awkward. and thanks for your mirena story, kinda makes me want to just ditch mine since i'm so unhappy with it.

@ kirida - ha! you sound like my kind of girl. i was always looking for the exit on dates.

@ swistle - ooh, that's an interesting question, what an ideal date would be now. i was definitely speaking about early 20's dating me (and kind of laughing at my younger self). i think my ideal first date TODAY would be something outdoorsy, actually, maybe saving the yummy food and a good bottle of wine for the honeymoon period. but justin and i are old and married, so when we get a kid free night we often pick movie and ice cream. it's a great married people date.

Mama Tully said...

My hubby and I worked together so we spent many of our early "dates" at happy hour at the bar! But our first official date was July 2, 2004. He took me to a pretty swanky restaurant on the Boston Harbor BUT they had outdoor seating and on Friday nights in the summer, they would put up a big screen and show old movies. After dinner we walked along the piers and talked and talked. It was the perfect mix of a different/original date and still spoiling me a little bit too :)

Jessica said...

Thomas and I were set up by my roommate, so he asked her what my favorite restaurant was (a local greasy Chinese place). We went to a movie, then dinner. It was lovely!

My actual first date ever was probably with a guy in freshman (college) youth group who took me to, I kid you not, The Passion of The Christ. I didn't even know it was a date until we got there. There were always groups going and I thought he was just asking me along with other people. But we got there and it was just us. And he didn't let me pay for my ticket. I sat there the whole time thinking "how did I end up on a date?!! I don't want to date this guy! What do I say? What do I do? Why am I at this horribly disturbing movie?"

Nilsa S. said...

So funny - we had our first date over Labor Day weekend in 2006! We went to a Mexican spot in my neighborhood. In general, I steer clear from chain restaurants (easy to say when you live in a big city) and would draw the exact same conclusions as you if someone suggested going to one on a first date.