Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 2013 Spicy Subscriptions Review

This box was sent to me for review courtesy of Spicy Subscriptions.  I love them for this despite the fact that they made me say "cock ring" on my (mostly) family friendly blog.

Spicy Subscriptions is my very favorite box to review, and it's not even makeup!  I was a leeeeeeeeeetle nervous when they contacted me to see if I wanted to review another box, because I knew the September box was the "Screaming O" box.  This sounded quite a bit racier than the boxes I was sent last September and February.  Then I did some googling to see what they had been giving out lately and SWEET BABY JESUS there was a butt plug! My mom reads this blog!  Granted, I have the kind of family who will sit around playing Cards Against Humanity or reading Urban Dictionary aloud for kicks, but even so, moms and butt plugs don't mix. (That should totally be a t-shirt). 

Hey, Mom, if you're still here?  Go away.  LOVE YOU!  xoxo, your daughter who only had sex twice ever to make your sweet grandbabies. 

The deets: Spicy Subscriptions changed up the products a bit since last time.  It looks like they ditched the smaller premium spice box and only the deluxe box remains.  They added a new toy of the month option too, so I'm guessing people liked it when SS started offering the big toys.  I think the 5% off diniwilks code should still work - I'll double check ASAP. 

Get the Spice Box: $34.95/month
Get the
Deluxe Toy Of The Month: $37.95/month

Date of arrival: September 26, 2013.

Packaging: It came in a discreet priority mail envelope with the box below inside.  It's a really nice, sturdy box, but it's a shade less fancy than the one I received in February.  I still love the design. 

Looks like Spicy Subscriptions has a great referral program and bonus for doing reviews.  Nice!!
I knew from the very first product in the box that this whole review is going to read like a giant game of "I never".  I'll start.  I have never had sex with someone wearing a cock ring before.  And I never thought I'd say cock ring on my blog.  I am, however, delighted to have one.  It looked a little small (you're welcome, hubs), but it says it's super stretchy so we'll see how it goes.  Also, I am DYING LAUGHING over that picture on the back (middle right of the image below).  I have always said I wanted to be the graphic designer who made the warning image of the vending machine tipping on a person, but I think this one takes the cake.  Or cock.  Whatever. 
This cock ring is brought to you by the brand "Screaming O"
It really wouldn't be a Spice Box without some lube.  The Jo brand and I go way back.  It's perfectly lovely, as far as lubes go. 

YAY, some Dona products!!!  Dona makes my very favorite sexy time product ever, the linen spray.  I talked about my love of the sexy spray in both of my past reviews, and I am still a huge fan.   I am super duper excited to have some bath essences because it's nice to pamper yourself before some nookie. 

I was also sent some Lingerie Wash, which I believe is a bonus gift.  You are supposed to soak your lingerie in it before hand washing them, but let's get real.  Ain't nobody got time for that!!  I plan to throw some in when I'm washing our sheets and then spraying the sheets in more sexy spray as I roll around in them with my sexy bath essenced up body.  It will be a sexy time triple threat. 

For real, get yourself some sexy spray.  You will NOT regret it. The scent I adore is mangosteen and they appear to be out but you really can't go wrong. 

Notice the runaway lube in the background
 If you have to send me lube samples in the dreaded foil packet (SO HARD TO OPEN IN THE DARK), I want lube with names that amuse me.  Both of these did. 

Okay, now for Screaming O product #2.  This one is a bullet with 4 speeds.  I love that it is disguised as a compact, because I can totally picture someone's friend going to borrow the mirror, and the owner sitting there horrified as the bullet falls out and clatters to the floor.  But this is coming from someone whose vibrator is literally sitting out on the nightstand.  I mean, it would be if I owned one.  (You're not still here, Mom, are you?) 

The third and final Screaming O product is this Cooling O Balm, which is also (hilariously) disguised as an eye shadow single.  It says on the package that you can put some on your lips and kiss, or you can put it anywhere you want a cool, tingly sensation. 

Side note: I had to use my hubby's laptop to post this because it seemed a little unwise to post such scandalous material from my work laptop.   WTF - the icon for me is a freaking DOG.  SOMEONE is not getting a cool, tingly blowie tonight. 

 So what do you think?  Is this box too spicy, not spicy enough, or just right? 

The Marriage Rut

Please stick around and comment on this one, we need the infinite wisdom of the internets!

A friend and I were talking, and we have a burning question for all of you...what do you do at night with your significant other, after the kids have gone to bed (like from 9-10:30)?  We both have closely spaced children (less than 2 years apart), and it just seems like there is so little opportunity to have actual QUALITY time with our husbands.  

I think, like many things in marriage, the marriage rut in which you both feel like there's nothing to dooooooooo together comes in cycles.  Right now, I feel pretty okay with the quality of our time together.  This is what works for us:
  • Justin stopped gaming in the basement and started gaming in our bedroom and the living room.  This was pretty key for us.  I think the physical distance was causing emotional distance, and it's nice for us to hang out in the same room, even if he's playing games and I'm reading blogs or whatever.  
  • We got those dorky pillows with the armrests for our bed, and sometimes we play on our separate idevices or read or watch tv together while hanging out in bed, like the old fogeys we are.  
  • We started being more selective about the shows we watch together.  Instead of watching all the things (and at least one of us being bored 95% of the time), we pick one show at a time and watch an entire season.  Only watching shows we both really like also (mostly) prevents me from falling asleep 5 minutes in.  Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Orange is the New Black are all up next on our agenda.  
  • Sometimes we play mindless games like yahtzee or skipbo while watching tv, which also helps keep me awake.  
  • Now that the girls are a bit older, we pick family activities that we are all interested in.  Then even trips to the museum are kind of like dates...with our kids there.
  • We go on mini coffee dates at the mall.  There is a play area that the girls LOVE right next to a Starbucks, so we grab coffee and sit and talk while the kids play.  Every once in a while one of us has to get up to break up a fight or chase Lucia because it's HILARIOUS to make a run for it, but otherwise it's sort of like a date. 
  • We make sure to go on one ACTUAL date sans kids per month.
  • I find that having a balanced "alone time" situation is just as important in marriage satisfaction as having quality together time.  I make sure that I get to go to book club or run or go to bloggy gatherings just as often as Justin gets to go to LAN parties or golf.  If I'm thoroughly enjoying my me time, I don't feel bad about just vegging out and watching tv during married people time.  
  • Speaking of married people time...don't skip on the nookie.
So that's basically it for me.  When you look at that list, you will notice that we don't really have a lot of QUALITY time after the kids go to bed, or really much quality ALONE time at all beyond our one date a month.  During the time slot we are interested in (9-10:30 pm), hubs and I are either hanging out separately but together, or watching tv.
So what do you guys do?  I thought about how Lacey and John started an etsy shop together, or how some couples do home improvement type stuff, or the 52 dates thing Jessica is doing.  Then my ideas got really lame after that.  I actually suggested that they could do a fucking PUZZLE.  Surely you guys can do better than that.  Comment below please!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blathering 2013 Vlog

Sorry the font here is all wonky, I'm on my husband's laptop and apparently it doesn't like my blog.  This here vloggy vlog is for The Blathering, but it's kind of like one of those random question meme things, so feel free to answer the questions as well (blog or vlog form) even if you aren't going.  And if you ARE going to The Blathering, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Back to School Stuff; Cut-off Dates

Obviously with it being back to school time, I am seeing a lot of posts of your kids on their first day of school.  While I snuck the girls' first day of school pic into an unrelated post, I didn't really go into detail about our plans.  

Since I work full time, have awesome parents who watch the girls 2 days a week, and have to think about what to do with Lucia, it doesn't really make sense to put Adriana in a real preschool.  My kids get a mix of grandparent days, daycare days, and the occasional parent working from home or taking a vacation day.  The daycare we send them to has them in classrooms which do change around the same time other kids are going back to school, but they are HORRIBLE about communicating what date that will actually be.  

Since Adriana goes to daycare instead of a more traditional preschool, I already feel a bit cheated out of the whole back to school experience.  However, this year was even worse because of the lack of communication.  I quickly snapped a picture of them on the porch thinking it was a "last day of school" shot (based on what I was told after repeatedly asking), and dropped them off at daycare only to find that the rest of the kids randomly switched rooms that Wednesday, when the girls were at my parents. 

I had kind of wanted to do the "wear the same dress on the first day of school and last day of school and take a cute pic holding a sign" thing that is pretty much required of me as a blogging mom, but that was obviously out the window unless I wanted to stage something the next Monday.  

I decided to just go with the flow and let this quick photo be the official record.  Whatever.  I suck at Pinteresty things anyway.  

For reference, Lucia turned 2 on August 14th and Adriana will be 4 on October 14th.  

Lucia is in "Toddler 1" and Adriana is in "Preschool 2".  Some time in the middle of this year (when she's further along in potty training), Lucy will move to the next Toddler room, and then next fall she will move to Preschool 1.  

Adriana will go to a "real" school next year.  I am sending the girls to the Catholic school down the street.  I was raised Catholic, but am not Catholic myself.  I just like the school and the public schools where I live aren't very good.  I talked more about the Catholic school decision here and here.  Adriana will be in Pre-K next fall, and Kindergarten the year after that.  The school offers after care, so I don't have to worry about who is going to pick her up in the afternoon.  

The school I'm sending my kids to has a really strict August 1 cut-off date.  I sort of like that because one of the things I obsessed about during my pregnancy with Lucy was the fact that, due to their spacing and where the birthdays fall, I thought my kids would only be one grade apart despite being 22 months apart.  So the strict cut-off date fixes that (perceived) problem.

However, it means that both of my kids will be among the oldest in their class.  Lucy will be one of the VERY oldest.  It's just weird to me since I was a June baby.  I started Kindergarten the fall after I turned 5; I didn't go to Pre-K at all.  Since I didn't have a birthday in the middle of the school year, I was 5 for the entirety of Kindergarten, 6 in 1st grade, 7 in 2nd grade, etc.  I have strong associations with what age you are "supposed to be" in each grade, and my kids will be almost a full year older than I was in each grade.   I was 17 when I graduated high school; my kids will be 18.  

I don't know why this is SO weird to me, but it is.  

Add into that the fact that kids are all different developmentally.  Adriana is really tall and really smart.  At almost 4, she fits in WAY BETTER with a room full of 5 year olds than a room full of 4 year olds.  If it were up to me, I would skip Pre-K entirely and just put her in Kindergarten next year, but that's not an option.  Even if it were, then she would be in the same class as my nephew, whose parents DO like waiting the extra year even though he is basically a walking encyclopedia.  

I guess, ultimately, even though I don't like that my kids are going to be older than I think they should be for their grade, I like that I don't have any control over it and therefore can't make the "wrong" choice for my kid.  They were born after August 1, so they start when they start.  Ultimately, even though it weirds me out, it's probably a GOOD thing.  Why rush real life, right?  One more year to enjoy my kiddos before they are off to college (assuming they are of the enjoyable variety by then).  

So how does the cut off date work where your kids go to school?  Do you get to decide whether to send them or hold them back, and how did you make that decision? Are you sending your kids to preschool and pre-k, or just directly to kindergarten?  

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Cheesy title, I know. But get used to it, I think I might want to post little kiddo snippets more often.  I am finding that ever since I started posting my favorite kid moment in my monthly favorites, my mental file of what to post about is getting really full really fast.  Why lose all of those little moments when I can just write them here?  So here we go.  

  • Adriana was rambling on to Justin and I from the back seat about families and how much she loves everyone in our family.  Then her eyes got a little rounder and she said that some people don't have a mama or a dada or a grandma or a grandpa, and THAT WOULD BE TERRIBLE.  I just wanted to give her a hug.  
  • The other day, Justin took Adriana with him to the grocery store, and I had almost an hour of some mama/Lucy time.  She was in JUST the right mood to cuddle, and actually spent the entire hour laying down with me on the couch.  She was facing me, and sometimes she would talk to me, sometimes she wanted to pretend that there were monsters and wanted me to hug her tight and promise to keep her safe, and other times she would just make silly little faces at me, widening her eyes and moving her lips.  It was awesome.  
  • Speaking of monsters...Adriana, Lucia and I were all hanging out on the couch (again) on a Monday night, which is the night Justin works second shift.  We thought we heard a noise.  Lucy was the closest to the door, so she spread her little arms out like she was holding us back, protecting us.  Then she exclaimed "Monstas!!! I keep you safe.  I blow dem away!"  and proceeded to huff and puff like she was blowing out a candle. I nearly died laughing.  
  • Adriana made a comment that the underwear she was wearing came from grandma's house.  I corrected her, telling her that mama bought them.  Then she thought about it a little harder and was like "No, wait!  Santa bought them!!"  I then had to quickly backpedal and say that I must have been confused, because OF COURSE little miss memories was correct, they were in her stocking last year.  Smarty pants.
  • My dad called me this morning to let me know that when he was driving in a certain part of town, Lucy got really excited and started exclaiming "BOUNCY HOUSE IS HERE!!! BOUNCY HOUSE IS HERE!!!" Sure enough, if they followed that road for another minute, they would have been at the bouncy house.  She has only been there like 3 times in the past year.  Granted, the last time was just 2 weeks ago, but that is pretty damn impressive for a 2 year old.  Every time I make jokes about her being a bit of a ding dong, she has to prove me wrong.
  • But then again...when Adriana was 2, I'd ask her how old she was and she would proudly exclaim "I'm TWO!!!" while holding up two fingers.  I ask Lucy how old she is, and she says "I'm fiiiiiiiine..."  Then I say "no, no, how OLD are you?"  And she yells out "PURPLE!!!"  every damn time.  So maybe I'll hold off on the Mensa application a bit longer.  
  • Lucy regularly calls Adriana "Ana bo bana" but gets all mad if Adriana calls her anything but her name.  "NO, ANA, I LUCIA!!!".
  • I still clearly remember the day I told Lucy she could call Adriana "Ana" if it was too hard for her to say.  She has been calling her Ana ever since, but just within the past 2 weeks she has started saying her full name.  My baby is growing up.
  • Adriana has been making up songs on a constant basis, which would be really cute if she hadn't inherited my complete lack of singing ability.  Lucia gets all mad when she does it in the car, yelling "NO, ADRIANA!!! DRIVIN!"  Her little face whenever she scolds Adriana is just priceless.  
That's all I got.  What are the little people in your life up to?

Friday, September 6, 2013

August 2013 Favorites

Better late than never?

Justin moment: My very favorite Justin moment is more about Lucia's actions, so I will put that in her section.  But next up would definitely be watching Justin play with the girls when we went swimming last weekend.  Is there anything hotter than watching your man be a good dad?  Seriously, I don't think I ever love him as much as I do when he's playing with the girls.  He was playing motorboat with Adriana, zooming her around the pool at top speed, and helping Lucy with her little watering can, and it was the cutest.  Also, my brother and I laughed every time Adriana asked Justin to motorboat, because we are immature.  

Adriana moment:  Adriana always makes me laugh with her little observations.  She said there are 3 mirrors in my car on the way to daycare the other day, and I corrected her, pointing out that one is in the car, but the side view mirrors are on the outside.  Adriana corrected me, saying "No, Mama, there is one mirror in the car for looking at cars, and two for putting on makeup."  ZING!!!  
We also had a really memorable jog together, which I will be writing about in my soon to come running update.  

Lucia moment: The very best moment was when I was sitting on the couch and Justin was sitting on the floor next to me.  Lucy wedged herself in between us and put her little arm around Justin's neck.  Then she looked at me and kept saying "Best Buy".  I was very confused, seeing as how I don't think she has been to Best Buy since Christmas, then I realized she was saying "Best buddy."  It made me SO HAPPY that she did this to Justin first, since Adriana is sometimes a little mean about her mama preference.  But it also makes me SO HAPPY that she calls me her best buddy sometimes now too.  
We had another sweet moment last night - she was crying so I went in to check on her.  She had herself so worked up that she ended up barfing on me (gross), but after we got cleaned up I rocked her for about an hour.  It was so bittersweet, because this very well may be the last time I ever rock one of my babies to sleep.  Stupid fast moving time.  

Picture: I have two, but they both capture the same new phenomenon in the Diniwilk household - sister love.  The girls have been randomly holding hands or cuddling or being sweet to each other more and more these days, and it is such a relief!  I was starting to worry they were going to kill each other.  Adriana also loves to play that she's the mom, and Lucy will follow her around calling her Mama all day long.  So cute.

Family Activity: The newly renovated Akron Zoo is probably going to get its own post, so I will talk about our first family bowling adventure.  The girls absolutely loved it, but we only did one game because the prices were ASTRONOMICAL.  They initially tried to charge me something like $80 before I clarified that I was not interested in 2 hours unlimited each.  Justin and I both love to bowl (to the point that we have our own balls, bags, and shoes, and were even on a league together pre-kids), so I think this is going to be a regular activity when the kids are a bit older.  

Food: Snacky food wise, I have been mixing super sweet and super savory goodies, like Grandma's Chocolate Brownie Cookies and Chili Cheese Fritos.  Best snack combo ever.  Real (sorta) food wise, my coworkers and I have been hitting up Dirty Frank's in Columbus when we are down there (1-2 times a week lately).  It's basically a ton of deliciously disgusting toppings on hot dogs and tater tots.  And yet I continue to blame Mirena for my 10 pound weight gain.  [EVERYTHING tastes better than skinny feels.]

@littleleafash said it looks like A's kissing the Diet Coke.  HA!


Drink:  I used to hate chai with a passion because I'm anti-cinnamon, but a local indian restaurant I frequent for lunch (Saffron Patch) serves it and I got kind of addicted.  This Tazo Chai Latte stuff from Target is good when I just want something hot at night.

TV Show: Hulu finally stopped cheaping out and picked up the latest season of MTV's The Challenge.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show (still) and am super excited.  CT is still hot, in case you were wondering.  I will die of happiness if they put seasons 22 and 23 on there too.      

Movie: Justin and I went to see Elysium on our date this month, it was right up my alley.  It has sort of anti-utopian futuristic sci fi vibe.  Not the best movie I've ever seen or anything, but it was solid.  And we got to bust out our Team America Matt Damon voice, which is always a good time.  

Game: I have kind of put The Tribez on hold and am really only playing Paradise Cove right now.  What else is new?

Clothing: Nothing exciting enough to photograph.  I got a pair of boyfriend jeans from The Loft I like.   

Accessory:  I have been LOVING this little flowered Mossimo duffel bag from Target.  Like, to the point that I don't carry a purse anymore.  And I put this Ugli doll keychain on my keys and have not lost them since.  Score!


Beauty Stuff:  These favorites are getting crazy long, so I thought I'd combine all the beauty categories.

This month, I was loving my Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette by TheBalm (there is a really good tutorial for this palette by leighannsays if you have it and aren't sure how to use it.  

I skipped over a bunch of stuff in my skincare queue to try out the dermalogica pre-cleanse and special cleansing gel.   I LOVE them.  The pre-cleanse smells amazing and leaves my face super soft, and the cleansing gel is just a great cleanser.  A little goes a long way with that one, I always feel like I pour too much.  I'd definitely buy these again (some day).  

This limited edition Champagne Trio by Julep is a great little collection.  The colors are opaque in one coat and don't chip easily.  

Wearing my hair wet on the way down to Columbus saves me tons of time on my travel days.  Not Your Mother's Beach Babe is a great product for scrunch and go curls.  Probably not as good as my beloved Miss Jessie's, but definitely better than BedHead On the Rebound.  

The Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask is freaking amazing.  My hair feels SO SOFT and is all shiny and nice for 3-5 days after I use it.  

I have been enjoying the Julep Brown Sugar Lip Scrub because my lips are always chapped and gross.  It tastes yummy and leaves my lips super soft.  

Finally, my Real Techniques buffing brush has been making my foundation look flawless.  It's technically for mineral foundation but I have no problems using it for liquid.  Love it.  

Okay, that's "all" for this month.  What are your favorites??

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An Anniversary of Sorts

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of one of the hardest days of my life.  I am pleased to report that other than an acknowledgement of the date and Justin cooking us dinner (which he rarely does), it went by pretty uneventfully.  It is amazing to me how we are so resilient - life can be pretty fucked up sometimes, but we keep going and eventually it gets better.  I'm not going to say everything is perfect, but it's pretty darn good.  It's so normal it's probably weird.  

I just want to say thank you for all of you who have been there for me, whether you knew the details of what was going on or just that I was having a tough time.  I have a list of names here but I'm scared to leave anyone out, so I will just tell you that every last comment or email or text or hug meant the world to me and got me through many many many crappy days.

In addition to my words and a group internet hug, I wanted to do something nice for you guys.  And what is nicer than the gift of makeup?  I will send one of you ladies the Urban Decay Naked Basics eyeshadow palette.  And if that's not your thing, you can have a $25 Target or Starbucks gift card.  That should cover most of you, right?  I'll pick a winner one week from today and send it when I send it (I am horribly slow at mailing things, I'm sorry).  

And if you are a reader or twitter follower but have no idea what I'm talking about?  That's okay, I appreciate you too.  Don't feel weird about entering.  We are all friends here.  

I don't just want to see your prize of choice in the comments below - tell me something random about yourself or a cute kid story or recommend a book or a product.  Any fun distraction from my day is welcome.

I love you guys!


Congrats, @mommydaisy!!!