Thursday, September 12, 2013


Cheesy title, I know. But get used to it, I think I might want to post little kiddo snippets more often.  I am finding that ever since I started posting my favorite kid moment in my monthly favorites, my mental file of what to post about is getting really full really fast.  Why lose all of those little moments when I can just write them here?  So here we go.  

  • Adriana was rambling on to Justin and I from the back seat about families and how much she loves everyone in our family.  Then her eyes got a little rounder and she said that some people don't have a mama or a dada or a grandma or a grandpa, and THAT WOULD BE TERRIBLE.  I just wanted to give her a hug.  
  • The other day, Justin took Adriana with him to the grocery store, and I had almost an hour of some mama/Lucy time.  She was in JUST the right mood to cuddle, and actually spent the entire hour laying down with me on the couch.  She was facing me, and sometimes she would talk to me, sometimes she wanted to pretend that there were monsters and wanted me to hug her tight and promise to keep her safe, and other times she would just make silly little faces at me, widening her eyes and moving her lips.  It was awesome.  
  • Speaking of monsters...Adriana, Lucia and I were all hanging out on the couch (again) on a Monday night, which is the night Justin works second shift.  We thought we heard a noise.  Lucy was the closest to the door, so she spread her little arms out like she was holding us back, protecting us.  Then she exclaimed "Monstas!!! I keep you safe.  I blow dem away!"  and proceeded to huff and puff like she was blowing out a candle. I nearly died laughing.  
  • Adriana made a comment that the underwear she was wearing came from grandma's house.  I corrected her, telling her that mama bought them.  Then she thought about it a little harder and was like "No, wait!  Santa bought them!!"  I then had to quickly backpedal and say that I must have been confused, because OF COURSE little miss memories was correct, they were in her stocking last year.  Smarty pants.
  • My dad called me this morning to let me know that when he was driving in a certain part of town, Lucy got really excited and started exclaiming "BOUNCY HOUSE IS HERE!!! BOUNCY HOUSE IS HERE!!!" Sure enough, if they followed that road for another minute, they would have been at the bouncy house.  She has only been there like 3 times in the past year.  Granted, the last time was just 2 weeks ago, but that is pretty damn impressive for a 2 year old.  Every time I make jokes about her being a bit of a ding dong, she has to prove me wrong.
  • But then again...when Adriana was 2, I'd ask her how old she was and she would proudly exclaim "I'm TWO!!!" while holding up two fingers.  I ask Lucy how old she is, and she says "I'm fiiiiiiiine..."  Then I say "no, no, how OLD are you?"  And she yells out "PURPLE!!!"  every damn time.  So maybe I'll hold off on the Mensa application a bit longer.  
  • Lucy regularly calls Adriana "Ana bo bana" but gets all mad if Adriana calls her anything but her name.  "NO, ANA, I LUCIA!!!".
  • I still clearly remember the day I told Lucy she could call Adriana "Ana" if it was too hard for her to say.  She has been calling her Ana ever since, but just within the past 2 weeks she has started saying her full name.  My baby is growing up.
  • Adriana has been making up songs on a constant basis, which would be really cute if she hadn't inherited my complete lack of singing ability.  Lucia gets all mad when she does it in the car, yelling "NO, ADRIANA!!! DRIVIN!"  Her little face whenever she scolds Adriana is just priceless.  
That's all I got.  What are the little people in your life up to?


Lacey said...

Bahaha at the Mensa application! I HAVE to meet your kiddos one day. I love them and I've never even met them!

Heather said...

Interesting to hear how your area does school cut-off dates. Like L, Tory is also a late August bday and I think we'll end up holding her back to start kindergarten when she's freshly 6 vs. 5YO. That means she'll be in preschool for forever, but better than going to college at 17 for our preference.

I hadn't thought about how close in age Baby #2 will be to Tory in school. I should do the math on that one since we'll probably end up holding Tory back and Aden will be on the normal schedule with a Nov. birthday.

Also, hi! Good hearing from you again. Glad life is slowing down a bit for you so you're back in the Internet world :)

Nilsa S. said...

I'm pretty sure Gavin also inherited my inability-to-sing genes ... though, I don't care how badly he sings, if he wants to rock out to We Will Rock You (by Queen), then he's got carte blanche to do so!