Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kid Snack Idea: Butterflies and Caterpillars

This is the most pinteresting thing I'll do all year, and I can't even take credit for the idea.  My cousin made these the last time we got the kids together and I thought it was adorable so I stole replicated it for Adriana's birthday snack this year.  Let's skip over how mah baybeeeee is FOUR and move on to the cuteness.

You'll need:
- Grapes (preferably green and purple) 
- Goldfish crackers (preferably colored)
- Gummy worm candy (I used Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers because they are the prettiest)
- Clothespins
- Pipe cleaners
- Markers
- Sandwich bags 
- A child sized helper

Part of the genius of this snack is that it's also a craft, and will therefore provide hours of entertainment for your kid.  Well, we made 16 of these and it took AN hour, anyway.  We only decorated the clothespins with markers, but you can use googly eyes, glitter, paint, etc. if you want to get really crazy.  I drew on the faces and Adriana decorated the bodies for her classmates.

Once your clothespins are decorated, you just fill half a sandwich baggie with grapes, half with goldfish, and twist.  The more colorful your snacks, the prettier the butterfly.  I found it was easiest to not zip the middle of the bag until after the twist so air could get out.  Clip the pin, add pipe cleaner antennae, and you are done with the butterfly.  

The caterpillars require no extra work - zip some gummies in a bag and you're done.  You can skip this step if you are going for a healthier snack, but I wanted to make sure Adriana is one of the cool kids so I went for it.  

If you have other cute snack ideas, let me know!  I now feel like I have to bring something equally awesome the next time I get together with my cousin.