Wednesday, November 27, 2013

101 in 1001: Writeoffs

I have a number of 101 in 1001 items that are just never going to happen (my clock runs out this Christmas).  Lacey wrote off some of her items early; I plan to do the same.  I have donated $150 to CASA, Habitat for Humanity, the Akron Art Museum, and Child Guidance and Family Solutions.  The first three are definitely places I'd love to get more involved with down the road, and the last one was to help out a friend in her fundraising efforts.  In my younger days, I was REALLY into volunteering, but I have basically only donated money or blood rather than time since I got pregnant with Adriana.  I love that my child free friends are so amazing and are involved in so many great organizations, and I figure that if I can't join them, I can at least help via the checkbook.  

So, $150 means that I can write off a whopping 30 items, which is good because I kind of suck at following through with goals.  But I'm still glad I tried, the items I ticked off were well worth it.  

As of right now:
47 items are checked off my 101 in 1001 list
4 items are done but I need to tell you about them (which I will do in this post)
22 items are (theoretically) doable
30 items I failed at, either because there is not enough time, money, warm days left to do it, or because I am a terrible person who fails at basic human decency.  These 30 items are the ones I'm writing off.

The 4 items I completed since my last update are:
- Make a photo book for each set of grandparents.  I didn't complete it on the epic scale I wanted to; they were just pictures from one photo shoot, but it was an amazing photo shoot and I'm glad we made the books.
- Take kids to swimming lessons.  The pool by us is shut down for upgrades for the next 18 months, so I outsourced this to my parents.  Still counts!  Both girls have moved up a level since they started, so I assume this means they are learning things.
- I hadn't been keeping count, but I checked my numbers when I donated in September and I have well exceeded my goal to donate blood five times; I did it 8 times.  This most recent time went to help newborns, which is my favorite thing ever.
- Get 5 massages and 5 pedicures.  My pre-Blathering pedicure was the last to check this off; I got the massages covered by the end of my third trimester with Lucia.  

Write-offs due to lack of remaining time / it was time specific and I failed:
3) Write quarterly letters to the kid(s), do not miss any (more)
6) Change the holiday door decoration every holiday for a year
17) Read 101 books
35) Go to a glass blowing class
61) Cut storage bins in half
67) Help mom complete her scanning project
83) Make a quilt
93) Complete a 365 day photo challenge

Write-offs due to choosing to spend money elsewhere:
24) Hire an electrician to look at basement light and to install living room overhead lighting
26) Paint the basement in moisture-proof paint
47) Fix gas line to stove
48) Install outlet in downstairs bathroom
72) Pay off all credit cards
90) Visit a national park I’ve never been to

Write-offs due to lack of remaining sunny days:
13) Make beds for a garden
74) Take kid(s) to Cedar Point
86) Go on a picnic
87) Take a nature hike in CVNP
88) Go canoeing / tubing
89) Fly a kite
99) Go geocaching

Write-offs that I should have completed and didn't because I'm a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD PERSON:
31) Visit my great aunt in Wisconsin
54) Send a handwritten letter to my 6 closest high school friends
63) Participate in a charity walk
69) Send 10 cards via USPS in a timely manner for birthdays, retirements, sympathy, new home, new baby, etc.
70) Send 10 handwritten thank you cards for 10 different occasions
76) Find at least one couple with a similar aged kid(s) to hang out with on a semi-regular basis
77) Have mom and dad over for dinner 5 times
78) Have in laws over for dinner 5 times
79) Find a meaningful way to thank mom and dad for everything they have done for us

I probably techncially completed items 69 and 70, but still was so far off from what I SHOULD HAVE done that I'm calling it a fail.

The only thing on here that I don't actually WANT to do anymore is write the letter to my 6 high school friends...a couple have gotten out of touch so it would just be weird.  So I plan to still have the rest of these on my "life list" and come back to the original 101 in 1001 list and check these off with the dates I completed them, because I'm OCD like that.  You will also see some of these come back in my 2014 goals.

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Lacey said...

Oh man. You make me feel better and worse about my failures at the same time. Better, because, well, I'm not alone and worse because I never donated my money I said I would for not completing my items even though I said I would in that very post!! I suck. So, double failure on that one. :)