Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lazy Potty Training For The Win

One of the many differences between kid the first and kid the second has been how we deal with potty training.  

Adriana started asking to sit on the potty at 15 months, which I took as I sign to buy a potty, undies, pull-ups, and to start asking her to sit for a bit every couple of hours.  I was due with Lucia when Adriana was 22 months, so I thought it was great that she was showing an interest and a sure sign that she would be fully potty trained and I'd never have to deal with two kids in diapers.  I apparently potty trained myself at 18 months, so clearly my kid was on the path to do the same, right?


Some long time readers may remember that while Adriana was accident free during the day and sleeping through the night in undies fairly early (maybe a few months after she turned two?) it took over a year after that before she stopped requesting diapers to poop in.  That's right...she would just never poop unless she was at home, and she REFUSED to do it on the toilet.  There were definitely tears and yelling from both of us on the matter, and it was a pretty stressful experience.  

This time I decided to skip the stress entirely and go with lazy potty training.

While Lucia occasionally asked to sit on the potty, I didn't stress out when she didn't pee and just wanted to waste toilet paper wiping her dry baby parts.  I let her hop on and off as many or as few times as she wanted and then put her diaper back on.  This wasn't something she was interested in more than a couple of times a month, and I was fine with that.  

I didn't bust out any underwear until she specifically asked for it, which didn't happen until about 2 weeks ago (she turned two in August).  We were cleaning out some drawers and I found an unopened pack of 2T-3T minnie mouse undies.  Minnie Mouse is one of her favorites, and she asked me if she could wear them when I mentioned they were her size and not Adriana's.  I brought out the potty and put it in the room we were in, telling her she could wear the undies but only if they were dry.  I told her that if she wanted to pee in the potty so she could keep them dry, she was welcome to.  

At that point I know she had peed on the daycare potty once or twice and once for Justin, but only because she just happened to have to pee when they sat her down - good timing.

The first night she wore her undies she had an accident.  [And by night I mean evening, after work but before bed.  She wears diapers to bed.]

The second night she wore them, I was screwing around on my phone and didn't even notice that she ran over to the potty and peed until she started yelling "I peed!  Yay, Lucia!!!"  I hopped off the couch and checked it out - sure enough, she had figured it out with very little effort from me, Justin, or even daycare.  

She has peed in the potty at least once every day since then, and the only time she has had any accidents is when she was in a different room than her potty and couldn't make it in time.  She has also started pooping in it with no problems whatsoever - the poop count is now three, which I think means I can stop counting.  

She get 1 m&m (or hemmie nemmie as she calls them) for pees, 4-5 for poops, and lots of cheering for either.  We also make a big production with high fives and praise.  

Basically, acting like I couldn't care less if she went but telling her how awesome she is when she does is about a million times more successful than forcing the issue.

I am just glad my laziness has finally proven useful.  Woohoo!


Kara Keenan said...

Totally did the same thing. And with the third, it was even MORE LAZY if that's possible. I mean, daycare trained that one for me. One day the babysitter told me to stop putting Child #3 in diapers, because she didn't need them anymore. And that really was it.

Heather said...

So awesome for L! I'm glad she took to it so easy for you. Some people say they don't want to push potty training (and I didn't really push it with Tory, she just wanted to do it one day) but I quite prefer it to diapers now that we're past the initial training / ask her to use the restroom every 10 minutes phase. Our baby girls are getting so big - weep!

april said...

Lazy training is SO MUCH EASIER. I didn't even try until Henry was more than three, and then hey! he was trained! He's had a few accidents lately as he tries to figure out if he can hold it, but it's really been so much easier.

snoozical said...

This is basically our approach with Eliza. She started asking to use the potty, so we let her. She started asking to wear underpants, so we let her (when it's reasonably convenient for us). I think #2 will be a bit of a hurdle, as she seems to have a complex about it anyways (she lies and changes the subject aggressively if you ask her if she needs a new diaper after she poops... it's like she is embarrassed? I don't know), but she just turned two last month and I honestly wasn't planning on doing a damn thing in this department until around three. So we'll see what happens.

The nanny wanted to start training her for real at like 18 months, and it would have worked eventually I'm sure (more work for her than us!), but I do NOT want to fight about potty training. No thanks! I'll wait until it's her idea.

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