Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Girl Christmas Gift Ideas 2

Apparently it's gift guide day here at The Diniwilks.  I noticed that my post from last year was getting some traffic, plus Michelle and Kori's posts are motivating me to actually figure some Christmas stuff out.  

We have been desperately trying to get toys out of our house lately, so my plan is to a) make sure I mention clothing sizes and art supplies or other items that can be used up to family members asking for gift ideas, and b) casually mention to my mom that our zoo membership expired.

However, I do want my girls to walk down to a tree full of gifts.   In the past, that means that clothes, shoes, rain gear for the spring, bathing suits for the summer, sheets, and other things I would buy them ANYWAY have all been considered perfectly acceptable Christmas gifts.   See Christmas 2011 as a typical Christmas for us (with bonus teeny girlies!) 

Here is Adriana's wish list.  This is going to be difficult, to say the least.  I don't even know what half of this means.  

Lucia simply wants "Presents" and "Birthday Presents", so I think I can figure something out :)

Stockings:  I follow my grandma's tradition of chocolate, an orange, tons of quarters, socks, underwear.  I add in fun band-aids and a new toothbrush to put my own (lame but practical) spin on it.  I will probably also give each of them a card game this year, like Go Fish or Memory.  

Big gift: I like to do one big shared gift, but I honestly can't think of anything this year.  They don't have a water table or a picnic table, but that's no fun since they can't even use it until the spring.  In addition to our zoo membership, our Children's museum and Natural History Museum memberships are done at the end of the year, or we could announce a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, but none of those are impressive under a tree.  I think I will just do a couple more smaller items than originally planned...I'll shoot for $100 per kid.  

Gifts for Adriana (Age 4):  I am ignoring all of her "things that turn into things" and "things that walk" requests.  Sorry, kid.  I plan to get her at least 4 winter appropriate dresses and matching tights and a bathing suit since we may do a winter vacation this year.  I will also hit up Claire's and get her some cute rings and maybe a necklace.  Stuff that's a little more grown up than any of the play jewelry she has today.  She is the girliest girl ever, so different from me as a kid.  

Even though we don't have Disney, she knows who Sophia the First is and likes her. This doll doesn't walk, but it talks, so I'm guessing it's a good choice.  I have a feeling that Lucy will play with her more even though Adriana asked for her.  

We actually don't have a ton of dress up stuff, so I am also looking at a Sophia the First dress and Royal Purse set.  I am NOT getting the heels because I hate those things with a passion.  

I am thinking that the Disney Princess Royal Carriage Playset is probably closest to what she is picturing in her head.  

I will also get the extra princesses to go with it.  Again, they don't walk, but she DID ask for Snow White and Cinderella.  

I love this Melissa and Doug Bead Set because it has the added benefit of being able to work on spelling.  

That puts me at $111 plus clothes, so I'm calling it good.  

Gifts for Lucia (Age 2): Lucy doesn't really need much in the way of clothing, but I might get her a bathing suit that matches whatever I buy Adriana and some rain boots because we don't have any in her size.  

Lucia has LOVED babies since she was teeny tiny.  She already has a ton of them, but most of them are kind of cheapie dolls that don't do anything special.  I am loving this Baby Alive Make Me Better doll because I can just picture Lucy taking her temperature and fixing her boo-boos.  She's a really nurturing kid.  

We need more cookware and play food, and Lucia literally stops and plays with this stuff every single time I'm trying to get her to leave daycare.  I like that the KidCraft items are plastic, since the Melissa and Doug wooden stuff has the tendency to become weapons.  Both girls will play with these cute sets, and it will make the playroom kitchen area feel more complete.  I'm considering adding a grocery cart but they seem overpriced for what they are.  

Justin added this cute Webkins bunny to the shopping cart, presumably for Lucia (she loves bunnies).  

To round out Lucy's list I will probably add a movie.  We don't have Monster's University or either of the Despicable Me movies yet.  Lucy's gifts would then be $85 plus the cost of the movie and whatever we end up getting clothing-wise.  

I am not worried about the fact that Adriana will have more to open; she is a zillion times faster than Lucy.  And it's not like they won't share 100% of everything anyway.  

If you have done your list yet, link below!  I feel like my list is still subject to change at this point, so maybe one of you thought of something amazing that I haven't.  


Michelle said...

I love the idea of sheets! I thought about that this year and feel like I've been missing a major gift. Especially with Maddie getting a big girl bed for her birthday, I'm going to have family get her sheets! WIN!

I love the beads too.

Jessica said...

So far all I have for the kids is a foam alphabet floor puzzle. You know the kind that turn into a mat? My mom has one and the kids loooooove it. I also got one for my 1yo niece. I think Thomas bought some wooden puzzles, too.

april said...

I think we're getting Spencer a Kindle Fire, which will make most of list a moot (moo) point, but here's my current Christmas post. Ha! I need help.

Kara Keenan said...

All three of my kids are getting Chromebooks this year. So that's basically Christmas done in one present- and an expensive present at that. My youngest is 6, and doesn't really need a Chromebook, but there will be hell to pay if her sisters get one and she doesn't. I'm hoping to talk my Mom into getting them new Razor scooters (just the basic ones). They'll still get stockings- I load them with things like toothpaste, cough drops, and some candy.

Mama Tully said...

Great list! I just bought that bunny to donate for a Christmas collection and my girls were BESIDE themselves that I was giving it away, lol! It is pretty cute :)
My girls are super into princesses too…they got a bunch of Sofia stuff including that same dress up outfit, for L's 4th birthday! FYI, I was at Costco today and they had some really cute princess toys. I already have more than enough for my kids for Christmas this year, but I broke down and bought Lilah one of the Tangled dolls that comes with a horse. Must. Stop. Christmas. Shopping!

k said...

I like how Lucia keeps it simple: presents / birthday presents.

Oh! And we have that 60+ piece play food set! My only beef with it was that some of the pieces, I thought, were kind of choke-ables. The hot dogs were suspect as were the french fries. I just stashed those, though, and the rest of it STILL gets played with.

Will Kenderdine said...

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