Monday, November 25, 2013

Lucia's Development - Age 2

I just talked about Adriana's development, time to see how Lucia compares to the CDC milestones for 2 year olds and 3 year olds.  

Generally, I think Lucia is on track in all areas.  She is stronger in Social/Emotional and Physical development than she is in Cognitive or Language/Communication, but even in the weaker areas she is definitely still age appropriate.  She meets all of the 2 year old criteria and well over half of the 3 year old.  

Language and Communication: Lucia's vocabulary is pretty large and she can speak in longer sentences, but she can be hard to understand, even for me.  She has trouble with her R's (subs in a W sound) and S's (often drops it if it's the first letter of a word and is followed by another consonant, like saying "Nake" instead of "Snake").  She says stuff like "My Lucia" or "I Lucia" instead of "I'm Lucia", so she is still working on pronouns.  She gets huffy if you, for example, try to tell her she's funny - she adamantly says, "No, I LUCIA".  She can tell me what most objects I point to in a book are, and if she doesn't know the name of something she will point and ask "what that?"  She can follow commands with multiple steps but asks for confirmation that she is doing it right.  Like, if I tell her to get her socks, and there are no other socks around, she will walk up to one and say "THIS sock?" and then I'll say yes, then she'll walk to the other sock 2 inches away and say "THIS sock?" and wait to make sure that yes, I wanted her to wear THOSE socks.  

Cognitive: Lucy loves to nurture her babies, tell them they are "sooooo cuuuute!!" and play pretend (she's usually a kitty cat or decides that she's the mom and Adriana is the dad).  She knows her ABC's but thinks "double q" is a letter, and can count past 10 but thinks "eleventeen" is a number.  She can match up colors but she only consistently recognizes black, purple, and sometimes green (to the point that I've questioned if she is color blind).  She can count 5 objects on a paper before she starts double counting items.  She can draw lines and circles and she pretends that little marks are letters.  She can build really tall towers, but struggles a bit with unscrewing caps; buttons and zippers are too frustrating.  

Physical: This kid is a little daredevil, she is constantly climbing things and jumping off.  She is great at running, jumping, and going up and down stairs.  She can throw and kick a ball, but she gets frustrated trying to pedal her tricycle.  It is almost creepy how well she dances, shaking her little butt in time with the music (and, if we are really lucky, throwing in a well-timed ass slap or two)(seriously OMG where did she learn that).  When we observed Adriana's tap class, Lucia was not content to sit in my lap; she started doing the moves right along with the big kids, doing just as well as kids who had been in the class for weeks.  

Social and Emotional: Lucia loves to play with other kids; I practically have to drag her kicking and screaming out of daycare every day.  She loves to assert her independence, and can throw a major temper tantrum when she doesn't get her way.  She understands the concepts of sharing and taking turns, but doesn't always like to do it.  She doesn't care about rules; she scribbles on the walls every chance she gets and thinks it's hilarious when we get mad.  However, she can also be a really sweet and nurturing girl, always taking care of her babies and trying to kiss Adriana if she has a boo boo or is upset.  She will frequently tell us she loves us or come in for hugs and kisses without being prompted to do so. She is a little ham, and is super expressive.  She loves to make people laugh by making silly faces.  

Some typical Lucy hambone faces:

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