Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 2013 Favorites

Justin moment: Hubby and I both took our last vacation day this month so we could go on an all day date.  We went out for breakfast (First Watch) and lunch (Olive Garden), and rented Sharknado.  There was also a lot of snuggling.  It was a good day.  We definitely don't get enough days to just ourselves.  

Adriana moment: The girls have been loving Lilo and Stich lately, so I was excited to find Lilo and Stich 2 on netflix.  However, it's majorly depressing towards the end.  To the point that Adriana shed her first tears over a movie.  Justin and I both tear up when movies are sad, and she never understands why.  Turns out that she is a big softie just like Mama and Daddy.  I never like watching my kids cry, but she was so lovey dovey afterwards that it was worth it.  Adriana is also REALLY into tap and ballet right now, and I love watching her get excited for every class.

Lucia moment: This one was easy...after I got back from my trip to Harrisburg, the girls both ran into the house to see me.  While Adriana was giving me a ginormous hug, I could hear Lucia running down the hall yelling "Mama's home!  Mama's home!"  She proceeded to shove sissy out of the way and grab my face with her tiny hands.  She looked into my eyes and said "Mama, you came home!" in a totally shocked but ecstatic voice.  It was so sweet to see her so happy to see me (although I did feel guilty that she apparently thinks I'm never coming back whenever I travel).  Lucia has also been super snuggly and cuddly, and has an endless appetite for eskimo and butterfly kisses.  Love these girls.

Picture: I love fall more than anything, so all of the Heritage Farms pics from my DITL post and the Halloween pics make me insanely happy.  I also have a whole disk of awesomeness from Ashley at Little Leaf to show you guys.  It was a good picture month.  

Family activity:  Definitely Heritage Farms, but I also enjoyed pumpkin decorating this year.  The girls painted and glittered, I used some kit with a lacy stocking thing and a spider, and Justin carved a badass skull.  I also attempted to roast the pumpkin seeds, which was a colossal fail.  Better luck next year.  

Food:  A bunch of girls from book club got together for some wine and appetizers and it was amazing.  I brought cajun crab dip, bagel chips, wine, and killer brownies from West Point Market, which are all my very VERY favorite things.  Seriously, if you are near Akron, you must go there.  

After we put a serious dent in everything.  YUM.

Drink: Nothing special this month, I have just been drinking a ton of Diet Coke and Starbucks.  I'm trying to drink more water though.  It's working, a little.

Book: Hmm, I think it's a tie.  I really enjoyed both Shalini's Lost and Found (which you can now buy on Amazon, woohoo!!!) and Kristen Ashley's Knight, for different reasons.  They are both romance novels, but one is super smutty and the other is not.  I didn't read anything of substance this month, and that's totally fine with me.  I love shutting my brain off for a while.  

TV Show: Hubs and I have been on a HUGE Walking Dead kick this month.  However, I think I might be too logical for this show.  For example, I was MAJORLY PISSED that they knew there was a baby coming for 9 months and didn't have formula on hand, just in case.  I mean, for fuck's sake.  I hope zombies eat them all, lest future generations develop dumbassery as a dominant trait.  

Movie: Sharknado, obvs.  

Game: Seriously, I don't even know why this is a category right now.  If I don't start playing something new soon I'll delete it.

Clothing: While I said I wasn't going to buy anything new for The Blathering, I ended up doing exactly that once I realized exactly how much weight I've gained since I got that blasted Mirena in June.  My favorite purchases were the super skinny jeans from Anne Taylor Loft and a really cute black Limited top I can no longer find on their website.  You can see the jeans in the Fall 2013 pic in the sidebar, but it really doesn't do them justice.  

Accessory: I bought and adore these Cueva Rosa Kate Spade studs.  They are the perfect size, unlike the other ridiculously ginormous pair I purchased.  I might have to get them in pink.  I wish they also came with a silver post, but gold will do for now.  

Beauty: I decided not to get my last QVC tarte set, which was allowed under my Project 25 pan rules, so I decided a substitution was in order.  I was REALLY interested in the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness, so I went ahead and got me some.  I LOVE this stuff.  I will do a full post later this month extolling it's virtues, but I couldn't leave it off the list.  

I have also been loving my Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen in Brun Beam.  I have worn a really messy grunge look a lot this month...just smudge this bad boy on, layer the mascara, and I'm good to go.  

As the weather has gotten colder, I've switched from my go to benefit boxed blush in Hervana to the rosier Dallas.  I would have never in a million years thought it would work with my skin tone, but it's gorgeous.  Benefit can do no wrong, at least not blush wise.  

That's all, folks!  As usual, I want to know what you have been loving this month so I can shamelessly copy you.  


snoozical said...

I am reading Knight, and struggling so, so much with the writing. Like I expect it to be high brow or something? It's just making me laugh and laugh, and also I can't stop trying to make Knight be from Ireland or something, with a strong accent.

Obviously I haven't gotten to the good parts yet, heh.

Julie said...

I love Dallas! It is my go to blush, which you will find out in an upcoming week of NoBloPoMo

k said...