Thursday, November 7, 2013

Random Updates

I was on track with NaBloPoMo and then I double posted yesterday and was too busy today to write anything of substance.  Random Updates it is!  Let me know in the comments if there is anything else you have been wondering about that I'm forgetting.  
  • I posted before about how I am not really happy with Mirena, but I didn't even mention my two biggest complaints.  First, I am apparently the only person in the history of ever to pack on a ton of weight after having it inserted.  I have heard plenty of people say they lost weight, but I gained 15 pounds within a month after getting it.  In all fairness, that put me back at the weight I was before I just as rapidly lost 15 pounds last fall (yay, stress!), but I had remained at the lower weight for almost a year so I thought/hoped it was permanent.  Plus I think that the weight I gained back is more fat than muscle, so I'm a bit bigger than I was before and even my old clothes don't fit.  Bleh.  My second Mirena complaint is that I have been an absolute psycho around my (loooong) periods (because yes, I still have them).  You guys, I slapped my husband the other day for criticizing my parenting.  SLAPPED HIM.  Not on the face or anything, just on the arm, but seriously.  There is no excuse.  I can normally keep my emotions under control, but not on Mirena.  The same day I slapped him I also yelled at the girls WAY too much and randomly burst into tears at various times of the day, plus my anxiety has been sky high.  Justin's second vasectomy sperm test came back clear, so I should really just have it removed.  But a) I'm still really paranoid about getting pregnant and b) I keep thinking about how expensive Mirena is and feeling like maybe things will settle down if I'm patient enough.  That's probably stupid, I should just get it removed, right?
  • I have pretty much decided not to do the summer program for the girls; I will keep them in their current daycare until the fall.  It's mostly a money thing - the summer program sounds AMAZING but it's crazy expensive.  If we have the money, I'll do it, but we are planning on replacing the basement carpet and doing some other projects around the house, so we will likely just stick it out a bit longer.
  • The room sharing is going okaaaaaaaay.  We bought the Okay to Wake clock that Courtney recommended in the comments (HI, COURTNEY!!!) but falling back is still screwing with their sleep.  I actually heard LUCIA waking ADRIANA up the other day, and Adriana grumpily telling her to go back to bed.  Lucy was never an early riser, so she's all sorts of messed up now.  There have also been a couple of times when Lucia woke back up when we tried to put Adriana to bed and then they both refused to go to sleep.  We just close the door, turn off all lights, and let them chit chat until they go to sleep when that happens.  I would feel a lot better about the situation if the playroom was finished, but I need to paint the furniture and get rid of a ton of old toys, so it's slow going.
  • Justin is doing fine post kidney stones.  Maybe better than fine - he has cut out all pop, energy drinks, and alcohol, is drinking a ton of water, and is trying to eat better.  This has in turn motivated me to make healthier choices, so maybe we will both fit into our clothes better soon.
  • MIL didn't show up at the girls' birthday party, which means we have only seen her once in 2013 (annual 4th of July party).  She did text Justin to call her this week, but only because she needed something.  I alternate between being relieved because it's one less thing I have to worry about, and being upset because the kids are missing out on a relationship with their grandma and I know it hurts Justin.  Meh.  I have hosted her for Thanksgiving the past couple of's a ton of work and I don't know if I want to do it again if she couldn't even be bothered to call to let us know she wasn't coming to the girls' party.  I am not trying to be petty, but it's just draining doing all of the planning and not even knowing if she will cancel on us last minute like she did that one Christmas.  I don't know.  What would you do?
  • Lucia is pooping and peeing on the potty regularly now.  Potting training post to come.  
  • Adriana is starting to tell me what words begin with what letter and to guess what words are in books when I point and make her sound it out.  Crazy.  
  • I forget, did I ever tell you guys that we found Leo a new home too?  He lives with my brother and SIL now.  They are the cutest cat parents ever, sending me pictures and texts about him.  The girls miss him, but he DOES NOT miss the girls.  He hides from them when we visit.  Brother and SIL are the best.  Some day I'd like to get another cat, but not until the girls are old enough to help take care of him/her.   


Erica said...

Take out the IUD. Those things are miserable IMHO.

Mama Tully said...

Definitely ditch the Mirena. If his test came back clear, you are fine. I can't wait for the hubby to get snipped so we don't have to worry about birth control anymore.
Glad to hear that room sharing is going well. Isn't it just the cutest hearing their conversations together at bedtime?!
Also, that's really sad about your MIL. It's a tough spot because you want that relationship for your kids, but there is only so much effort you can put forth after continually getting burned. Tough call for you. Can you just invite her to join your Thanksgiving plans so you don't have to go out of your way too much in case she doesn't show?

JEN said...

Mirena - get rid of it. It sounds like you are not compatible!

april said...

Yep, as a lover of Mirena and upset about not being able to get it, I say get rid of the thing.

I want a cat, but my husband would never go for it. Plus, I'm highly allergic and Henry has allergies for other things just as bad as I do so it's unlikely it's in the cards.

Swistle said...

Yes, I think I would take out the Mirena. That sounds similar to my experience with the mini-pill: I disliked it so much I said something to Paul like "I don't care WHAT we have to do to avoid pregnancy, but it's NOT going to be THIS!!!" (I said it with the sound of a slap in my voice.)

The MIL reminds me of my late FIL. I could go from "He's such an uninvolved jerk" to "Thank goodness we haven't heard from him" in the same SENTENCE. I never figured out how to handle him, or how to handle the "his non-existent relationship with the kids" aspect. After he died, I was glad that while he was alive I'd kept doing things I thought were Right (sending him birthday and Christmas cards, sending Christmas presents, sending photos of the kids) even though he never acknowledged/reciprocated. I just felt...good about my behavior, I guess. Glad that I'd done it even though it was galling at the time.

Laura Diniwilk said...

You are a better person than I am, Swistle. I send unacknowledged birthday texts (we tried getting together with her on her birthday every year until this one, it never worked out) and I do Christmas presents and Christmas cards, but I don't go out of the way to send pictures of the kids. I have also been known to not post pics on facebook because she tags herself or prints the pics and plasters them at her work so she can pretend like she is an involved grandma and it drives me bonkers. I brought her some to give to her at the girls birthday and she didn't show. This is a good reminder that I should still MAIL them and be the bigger person. I think I am just touchy about the pictures because I feel like they are a free pass to continue to pretend like you are involved. I picture her showing them off to her friends and I just get MAD. IF SHE MADE EFFORTS TO SEE THE KIDS SHE COULD TAKE HER OWN PICTURES. This rant was brought to you by Mirena.

Laura Diniwilk said...

And Mama Tully.......I keep thinking about that, inviting her to my mom's Thanksgiving. That would probably be weird/awkward but it is doable. I will discuss with my mom.

Brittany said...

I gained 30 pounds on Mirena and went completely psycho. Look into Paraguard though, if you're still worried :)

Heather said...

Randomly, I was just thinking about your MIL drama the other day. Such a sucky situation. I would totally say screw her if it weren't for your girls... Ugh.

I say screw the Mirina, too. It sounds like you're in the clear with J and its giving you far too many side effects. The IUD didn't work for us either when we tried it after Tory was born.

Also, I apparently like to reference everything as "screw it" today ... ha.

Misty said...

I did fine with Mirena the first go round and then the second go round it was hellish. My hair still hasn't fully grown back in. *Sigh*

My MIL is the exact same way. Know what I did? After 8 years, I gave up. I know it hurts the Husband, but it is out of my control. He can fight to see his family. I am not doing it anymore. It sucks...but sometimes you just have to let go.