Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the Makeup Lover / Product Whore / Goo Hoarder in Your Life

Do any of you have makeup lovers in your life but have no idea what to get them?  This list is for you!  And for Ashley, who requested it.  Hope it helps!  


Nothing beats a good palette!  I'd recommend getting a nice neutral palette for someone who LOVES makeup but maybe they can't afford the nice stuff or they are newly obsessed and are just starting their collection.  First, think about what your makeup lover likes.  If your makeup lover prefers warm tones, get Naked 1, and if she loves cool tones, get Naked 2; both are $52.  If they like plums/pinks, see if your Sephora still has the $48 Laura Mercier Artist's Palette (it's sold out online, but my store still has it) or the brand new Naked 3 palette ($53; not yet released...maybe Black Friday?).  If those aren't available, the $40 Lorac Unzipped is beautiful.  If you like this idea but aren't trying to spend a ton of money, Naked Basics is $27 and Ulta had a holiday set with Lorac Pro and Primer for something like $38, but it's not on the website (hopefully it's not sold out, I wanted it for my next round of Project 25 Pan).  Lorac Pro is also good for people whose color preference you don't know; it has a little bit of everything.  

Sephora has two really great sets out for the holidays: the $45 Sephora Favorites Lash Stash which has 11 mascaras, and the $30 Sephora Favorites Draw the line has 6 eyeliners (but really 7, the UD pencil is double sided).  I also really love the $36 UD Black Market pencil set, which I swatched here.  


For the girl who can't get enough lip gloss, I have been positively drooling over the Buxom gift sets.  There is a $59 one with 15 glosses or a $29 one with 6.  These are simply beautiful glosses, and have a yummy minty taste.  The Stila lip glaze set is also super affordable at 9 glosses for $28, I personally just don't like clicky pens.  More of a balm person?  These Kiehl's balms are AMAZING, and you can get a set for $30.  Finally, your Sephora may have Give Me Some Lip and Give Me More lip, but they are sold out online (booooooo).  


The $65 NARS Guy Bourdin cheek palette is perfect for someone who has high end tastes but doesn't own a lot of NARS (die hard NARS fans will already own Laguna, Orgasm, and Deep Throat, which is half the palette).  A more affordable option is this $29 tarte set from QVC.  


There are 3 different Living Proof sets for $29, which allows you to try out the line.  Or you could go with a really nice hair mask.  I personally love the $35 Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask, but the $33 Macadamia Oil Deep Hydrating Mask probably does the same thing and it's more easily accessible (you can buy it at Target!)  Maybe pair it with a $12 Turbie Twist and/or some $13 Hot Buns for a fun theme.  


I think it would be super fun to receive a mask basket.  You could a) get a variety of the $6 freeman masks or b) Get some of those little $1 drugstore masks (freeman or whatever brand Target carries, I forget) and put it in a basket with one really nice fancy mask.  I love Michael Todd's masks (all of them, they are usually around $34), but have also been wanting to try the fresh black tea body perfecting mask ($88!! AHHH!!) or the origins clear improvement active charcoal mask ($16 or $24, depending on size). 

I am also a big fan of skincare sets. Michael Todd has $39 Discovery collections or $75 full size regimens for a variety of skin types.  This $50 Origins set looks amazing, as does the $65 Kiehl's Creme de Corps set.  

And I know that Bath and Body works stuff is basically the least original Christmas gift ever, but their True Blue Spa line feels luxurious on the skin.  I am partial to the $15 Shea Butter body cream and $20 foot cream.  They used to have a peppermint foot cream but it appears to be discontinued.   These would be great in a basket with some of those gel socks and gloves that you are supposed to wear when you are letting lotion sink in, or maybe a really cozy robe.  


Essie is normally hit or miss for me, but I love every color in their winter collection.  I just watched the video by MissJenFabulous where she swatched them all, and the formula looks decent (I think I only hate Essie's pastel and nude formulas).  These are great stocking stuffers on their own at $8.50 each, or you can get the $17 set of 4 minis.  

If you know a hardcore nail polish fan, try a Julep subscription (referral link here, past reviews here) for some year round fun.  

All of the above: 

As you may have gathered, I love and highly recommend all of the Sephora Favorites sets in general.  The larger $75 ish Sephora Favorites Super Stars set appears to be sold out online, but if you can get your hands on it in the store, it is amazing.  The $45 Glitz and Glam set is still available, woohoo!  

You could also give the gift that keeps on giving, and do either a Birchbox subscription (referral link here, past reviews here) or an Ipsy subscription (referral link here, past reviews here).  I tell people to do Birchbox if the recipient likes skin and hair, and Ipsy if they are more into makeup.  It's my understanding that at least the Ipsy gift subs are sold out, but no worries!  Just go to Sephora or UIta, buy some sample sized goodies located near the register, and package it in a cute box with a note telling them what you are planning on ordering once the subs are open again.  The waitlist is never more than a month or two, it will be fine!

If anyone wants a review of any of these items, let me know!  


Ginger said...

I would also add, on the eye side, Ulta has 2 really nice LORAC palettes (Solid Gold & Platinum Status) that are only $12 each. They would be good for people with smaller budgets, but who still want to get a nice quality gift.

Brenna said...

It''s like you WANT me to be poor, Laura.

Erica said...

For someone who spends about two minutes a day actually applying makeup, I sure seem to love reading about makeup.

Mama Tully said...

Do you use/recommend an eye cream? or any type of wrinkle prevention face products?

Andrea Bellamy said...

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