Thursday, December 5, 2013

November 2013 Favorites

I always start my favorites posts by looking through my photo stream to refresh my memories of the month.  MAN was November rough!  It started off with me freaking out over bedbugs and Justin getting a kidney stone, the girls had tons of sleep issues so we have all been super crabby, my Mirena made me extra psychotic on top of the crabby, and we ended the month with the barfs.  Basically, November can suck it.  Let's focus on the GOOD parts now!

Justin moment: Justin and I had a lot to overcome this month due to all of the issues above plus the fact that he bought a PS4.  I kind of feel like we spent a lot of time doing our own things (video games for him, bubble baths or naps for me) or I was cleaning while he was watching the girls.  With all of the sleep problems and sickness, we also didn't get nearly enough cuddle time since we weren't always sleeping together in our room.  Everyone is healthy and the house looks great now, so I'm hoping for more quality time in December.  Even with all of that going on, we actually were able to get away for TWO dates this month - a Lake Erie Monsters game for Justin's work Christmas party, and we saw Catching Fire.  The movie was great, but the hockey game gets the "favorite Justin moment" prize.  We both really got into it.  I could see this being something we do on the regular when the girls are older, it was a lot of fun!
The Mirena Slap somehow got me flowers though.
Adriana moment: Adriana's best moment and worst moment of the month are one and the same.  It was observation day in her tap and ballet classes, and it was SO FUN to watch her when she was participating (and SO NOT FUN when she wasn't listening, but I do plan to write about that later, I have a ton of other posts to knock out first though).  Hands down, the best moment was when she randomly busted out into dance before the music was even on.  A clip is in my instagram feed, will try to upload it to youtube so I can link it here too.  I nearly died from the cute.  We have also been working on Adriana's behavior - she is finally starting to "stop and think" before doing something "bad".  You can literally watch her stop herself and then she says "Mama, I did it!  I stopped and thinked!"

Lucia moment: I have no pictures of this (hence the random shots below), but Lucy's best moment was also during the tap class observation day.  She was not content to sit in my lap and watch, she had to jump down and do the steps that the big kids were doing.  She did amazing!  I also have to give her mad props for potty training herself in a day.  She goes in the potty all night now with few accidents.  YAY!!!!

Picture: I am still incapable of getting a decent pic of both kids.  Lucia can't keep her eyes open and Adriana likes to make dorky faces, and they both move so damn much that 99% of the pics I take are blurry.  Sigh.  

Family activity: Ummmm I don't think we have one this month due to illness and holiday related busy-ness.  

Food: Thanksgiving, duh.  I don't even care that it was all eaten out of tupperware away from our family.  It was delicious.  It's also pumpkin muffin season, which makes me happy.  

Too lazy to edit any way other than taking a screenshot. 
Drink: I didn't really drink anything out of the norm this month, just butt tons of Diet Coke.  

Book: The only pleasure reading I did this month was for book club - Brain on Fire by Susanna Cahalan.  It was pretty good, but definitely hit a little too close to home since one of my real life friends (who is also in book club) also had a case of encephalitis several years ago.  It was interesting hearing her perspective on the book and asking all of the questions that I didn't ask back when it was happening.  

TV show: I am currently watching the Biggest Loser and getting caught up on this season of Grey's Anatomy right now.  I'm not madly in love with either, and BL is totally fixed this season which pisses me off [without trying to spoil too much, that thing they did that affected the previous week's outcome was BULLSHIT.]

Movie: Catching Fire was amazeballs.  I really love Jennifer Lawrence.  

Game: This is really lame, but we have been playing a ton of The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game.  Even Lucia will sit still long enough to play it, and I think it's helping her (finally) learn her colors.  Maybe.  

Clothing/accessory: I have no special clothing loves this month so we'll just combine this category.  I got a Michael Stars wrap in my (last ever, sniff, sniff!) PopSugar Must Haves box and it has been a near constant companion at work.  It's like wearing a blanket in my cube, but slightly more professional.  

Beauty: I have been loving my Michael Todd True Organics Skincare and Laura Mercier Artist's Palette, but I have more detailed reviews / pics of both of those coming soon so I won't talk about them here.  My favorite nail polish of the month was Julep's Ciara, which is one of those really cool iridescent colors that reminds me of a beetle wing.  My Michael Todd eye cream pump broke so I went back to my Kiehl's Creamy Avocado Eye Cream.  I love returning to an old product only to realize how much you missed it.  It's good stuff, as is the sample of Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate.  I put it on and was like ahhhh, dimethicone.  Silicones make any product feel luxurious.  I am not normally a Wen fan, but the Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner makes my favorites because I've been using it more like a soothing spa treatment type hair mask rather than like a shampoo.  Tea tree oil is awesome on my scalp.  Finally, I busted out my L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe, which is one of those rare colors that looks stunning all on its own.  

That's all, folks!  How was your November?  What have you been loving lately?


Swistle said...

I was happy to see the mention of The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, because I got that for my nephew for Christmas!

Heather said...

Hi Laura! My name is Heather and I wanted to know if you could answer a quick question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

d e v a n said...

Love this! Yay for dates! Hockey is surprisingly fun to watch, even for me, who typically hates sports.

k said...

Adriana in her dance outfits are RIDICULOUS.

I love it.