Thursday, December 26, 2013

Project 25 Pan Empties: Round 2

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Round 1 Empties I  Round 1 Prize

Another round of Project 25 pan is over and I can now close my beauty closet door.  Success!  Also, you will see that I really am trying to use up some of my oldest products first, as many of these are over a year old.  I promise I do pitch the expired stuff and pay attention to dates on the bottles.  

1.  Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere Bubble Bath: I bought this a few years ago when I was on a B&BW True Blue Spa kick.  It smells nice and makes lots of bubbles (which sounds silly, but you would be surprised at how many bubble baths don't).  My skin always feels nice and soft after using it.   Given that jerkfaces on Amazon are selling this for $85 a pop, I'm guessing that this item has been discontinued by B&BW.  Too bad, I would have definitely repurchased.  There are still plenty of non-bubble bath Shea Cashmere items, so maybe they will bring back the bubble bath some day.  

2.  Phyto Intense Hydrating Mask: I received this in the June 2012 Glossybox and have been sloooooooooowly using it up ever since.  The more I like a product, the more I tend to hoard it, which is a problem I'm trying to fix.  This hair mask smells heavenly and makes my hair silky smooth.  I get slightly better results from the Moroccan Oil mask with the same name (#18 below), and it's cheaper.  ($39 for 6.8 oz of phyto compared to $32 for 8.5 oz of Moroccan Oil) so I wouldn't repurchase unless there was a good deal.  

3.  Julep Conditioning Nail Polish Remover: I got a ton of these back when I was buying every mystery box Julep had to offer, and I repurchased when the secret store had a good deal.  At $11.20 for a 4 oz bottle I'd never pay full price.  Ever.  Especially since this is pretty similar to Zoya remove and I can just take a giant bottle of that and re-use the Julep dispensers.  Still, it's easily one of the nicest removers I've tried.  It gets glitter off no problem, and is as conditioning as a nail polish remover can be.  

4.  L'Oreal Everstrong Hydrate Conditioner in Rosemary Mint: I got this as my "free product" from the L'Oreal Product Evaluation Center (I'm still in a hair dye testing program, by the way).  It was a perfectly nice conditioner, but Rosemary Mint is definitely a sexy man scent, which is not the vibe I like to give off.  Essiebutton swears by other products in this line though, so I'd like to try it out in a different scent.  

5.  L'Oreal Youth Code Serum Intense: This product was in the CEW Insider's Choice Beauty Box from Summer 2012.  I mentioned it in my July favorites - it makes my skin nice and soft.  I would repurchase it, but not any time soon since I have a million other skincare items to go through.  

6 and 7.  Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash and Acne Self-Foaming Cleanser: I got both of these from BeautyFix in Spring / Summer 2012.  I didn't really care for the body wash; I really focused on using it on my chest since it has spotting due to sun damage, but it didn't seem to help.  The face wash was kind of nice, I liked the way it foamed.  The packaging was a pain though, only the tiniest bit came out due to the world's smallest pump.  You didn't need a ton though, this stuff lasted me forever.  Wouldn't repurchase; I have plenty of other body washes and cleansers I prefer.  

8 and 9.  Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse and Special Cleansing Gel: These beauties were from my August 2013 PopSugar Must Have Box, and made it into my monthly favorites a few weeks later.  The pre-cleanse is made up of a variety of oils and smells amazing.  I love the way it breaks up my makeup.  The cleansing gel is nice and light and doesn't irritate my skin.  It is the perfect cleanser for my Clarisonic.  After I use up my millions of skincare items, these two products will likely be part of the permanent Laura Skincare Collection.  I will most definitely repurchase.  

10.  Feeling Smitten Gelato Sugar Scrub: This was in a ThinkGeek mother's day package from the hubs (the Maternal Happiness Gift Pack shown here).   This product had a really unique scent and texture, and was fun to play with since it was bright blue.  I have never seen anything like it.  It was only medium effective though; I definitely prefer the Tree Hut Sugar Scrub from Empties Round 1.  Will not repurchase.  

11.  Library of Flowers Bubble Bath in #15 - The Forest: I got this in the PopSugar Must Have Fall Style Luxury Box (I took pictures of it but apparently never posted).  I LOVE the luxury boxes, would definitely recommend them if you have the $$.  The bubble bath was not a scent I would have chosen; a bit too flowery for me, but it was still pretty.  I probably zipped through this faster than need be, since every bath had tons of bubbles.  It is definitely a luxurious product; at $36 a bottle I wouldn't repurchase for myself, but it might be a good pampering gift for someone.  

12.  Miss Jessie's Quick Curls: I can not say enough good things about this product (but if you want to read more, I reviewed it here).  This product single-handedly made a year's worth of Birchbox worth it.  It is my number one holy grail curly hair product, so of course I milked it as long as I possible could (I got it in August 2012, ha).  I was so excited that all Miss Jessie's products were 40% off on Black Friday; I bought 2 full size bottles, woohoo!  

13.  Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes: I received these lovelies in my Summer 2013 Allure Beauty Box.  While I don't need oil control and have other makeup removing towelettes I like better, I love these because they came in single use packets.  I kept a few in my purse for when I was travelling or getting my brows done or wanted to completely redo my face makeup before going out.  Will repurchase.  

14.  Julep, again: See #3.  This bottle was the one I kept on my work desk.  

16.  Bamboo 48 Hour Sustainable Volume Spray: I didn't realize until actually writing this that this product should not be in here and should instead be in my samples Empties since I didn't get to test a full oz.  I got it in my last QVC Test Tube (Fall 2013) and it was nearly empty; it leaked all over the dang tube and everything in it (QVC was kinda rude about it too; only after MUCH complaining did I get a $5 credit to my account, this was part of the reason I unsubscribed and didn't blog about the tube).  I don't have another picture to replace it with, so I guess I'll roll with it.  From what I was able to use, it seems perfectly nice - it added some volume to my hair and wasn't sticky.  However, I'd need to try some more to give it a real review.  I know they sell this sample for $10 at Ulta or Sephora, so if I look at my hair products and don't have any other volumizing sprays, I'll pick some more up.  

17. Pssssst! Dry Shampoo: I got this in my July 2012 Beauty Army box.  I was actually a dry shampoo newbie back then - I didn't even really know they existed until I started watching YouTube gurus who swore by the stuff.  I really like Pssssst! despite the annoying to type name.  It has a really fresh, clean scent.  It can give a bit of a white cast, but it's easy enough to work it in.  My hair has more life when I use it.  I have another bottle from another box I'm using right now, but I'd definitely repurchase this one after I test out a few more brands I'm interested in (Bumble and Bumble, Batiste).  

18. Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask: I got this in the Fall 2012 New Beauty Test Tube (the non-QVC version) and I loooooooooove it.  In fact, it was also an August 2013 favorite along with the dermalogica.  It makes my hair super soft and shiny for about 3-5 days after I use it, so it's the perfect Sunday night bath treat for my hair.  I have some other hair masks to use up and then want to try the Macadamia Oil hair mask, but if I like this one better I will most definitely repurchase it.    

19. E Boost natural orange energy tablets: I know this is not necessarily a "beauty product", but I did get it in one of those special edition Birchboxes so I'm counting it.  I wouldn't say they made me any more energetic than normal (which is completely non-energetic), but they tasted good and made me feel like I was fending off colds.  I'd probably repurchase if they were right in front of me and a reasonable price.  

20. Murad Clarifying Cleanser: I thought I got this in a test tube, but google isn't able to confirm.  Grrr.  I thought I would hate this because it has that juniper scent that reminds me of gin, but it is actually a super refreshing facial cleanser.  I loved using it in the morning to give me a burst of energy.  The only down side is that it was too harsh to use with my Clarisonic - both times I did my face ended up peeling.  I suppose that could be viewed as a positive though, something to try when you want a mini peel.  It wasn't painful or anything.  Anyway, I'd consider repurchasing it, maybe along with the rest of the Murad line since I like to test skincare products all together.  **note to self - ask dermatologist if Acne cleansers fight the same bacteria that cause rosacea**  

20. VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything Eye Serum: I got this in my January 2012 Birchbox.  It's a really expensive serum so I tried hard to make it work, but it burned my eyes so I gave up before it was empty.  Kinda funny, since it says hypoallergenic right there in the brand's name.  Would not repurchase.  

21. Murad Eye Lift Perfector: I got this in my Summer 2012 BeautyFix box.  This product did nothing for me, and it is in the clicky pen packaging I hate.  I know some of you loved the other Murad product that came with this (the primer) so I'll be interested to hear if you like this one too.  Would not repurchase.  

22. Revlon Color Stay in 110 Ivory: As I mentioned in Empties Round 1, I got this 2 for the price of 1 at Ulta.  This shade is pretty perfect for my winter skin, which is really hard to match since it's so pale.  I still hate the packaging, and would only repurchase it if I was in a makeup pinch and needed to get something from the drugstore.  

23. Lash Food Eyelash Serum: I got this in the Summer 2012 New Beauty Test Tube.  I am very lucky in that I have naturally dark eyelashes that are pretty long and thick even without mascara.  It's basically the only area in which being a hairy beast pays off.  This didn't really do anything for me; would not repurchase.    

24. Neutrogena Healthy Shine Lip Gloss in 120 Healthy Blush: I have a bunch of these laying around because it was the only lip gloss I used to buy before I got obsessed with makeup.  I still love the formula and they way it's long lasting without being sticky.  It's pretty and natural looking on my lips.  Would repurchase if I didn't have enough lip gloss to last me a lifetime.  

25. Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Lay it on Thick Body Lotion: I bought this at the same time I got the shea cashmere bubble bath (#1 above).  This is a nice thick cream with minimal scent (just smells vaguely of shea butter).  It's a bit greasy so it's the perfect lotion for right before bed (assuming your partner doesn't mind the feel of it).  I would definitely repurchase; few lotions keep my super dry skin moisturized as well as this one.   


Julie said...

Soooo, this Miss Jessie, she is worth it? I would describe my hair as naturally kinky, and tend to blow dry it straight, but I do appreciate the opportunity to let it air dry (say when traveling) and not looking like Crusty the Clown. If you say it's good (and you hair does look awesome in the pictures on your other post), then I should probably pull the trigger.

Jessica said...

These are my favorite posts ever. Plus, I get all inspired to use stuff up.

Elizabeth said...

Argh my phone ate my other comment! Anyway, I also hated that eye burney serum and the clicky Murad pen, threw them both out. I THOUGHT I LOVED the Murad Primer that you mentioned and I was all set to buy more (maybe with a quick pit stop at MUF HD Foundation) but then I tried the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream and I LOOOOOVE it. Which kind of stinks because it's $$$. And I have a bunch of other foundation to use up first, including Benefit's Hello Flawless which I also like but which has alot more coverage, most days I like something lighter.
Wow, that was a lot of words about foundation. Hee.
I am happy that I found something that I really really like though. Makes me mad when I think about all the $8 tubes of crappy drugstore BB cream I ended up throwing up bc they were so crappy even though everyone claimed they were so great! I guess I just have princess skin :)

Maria Melee said...

Hairy beast LOL I feel you. Thanks for sharing all of these!

Becky said...

I highly recommend the Murad acne line - get the 30-day trial thinger from Sephora to test out I think six products? Five? I don't know. I just know I've been really pleased with the results, and the stuff lasts much longer than 30 days.

Thanks for doing these posts! I love them too. :)

Katie Wilkes said...

I almost get as much joy clearing all the junk out of my bathroom as I do getting new samples in the mail. So fun to read this ;)