Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Word of the Year, Resolutions, and To Do List

To be completely honest, I spent much of 2013 in survival mode and didn't complete anywhere near as much of my list as I wanted to.  Every time I watch The Croods lately (which is a lot), the following line from Eep strikes me..."That wan't living.  It was just NOT DYING.  There's a difference!"  So my plan for 2014 is to not only get out of survival mode and to get shit done, but I also want to remember to actually enjoy my life.  I have no particular resolution or to do item around this, it's more of a general plan to be more present, live life to the fullest, stop and smell the roses, etc.  (You know who really does this well?  Jennie.  I want to be more like Jennie.)

Even though my 2013 resolutions and to do list were a bust, the word of the year concept was great - thanks, Emily!!    I think the reason the word of the year works so well is that it's so simple.  Just one word to remember, and you can interpret it a million different ways throughout the year.  I noted in my year end survey that the one thing I wanted in 2014 that I lacked in 2013 was "patience".  I think it's a great word because it's so relevant to my life.  The girls try my patience approximately 3 zillion times a day, and I am only human.  If I'm tired, sick, hormonal, or stressed out, I am likely to snap at them.  I hate this.  I do not want to be yelling mom anymore, I want to be patient mom.  I also have to thank Nicole for her awesome advice - I really love the idea of reminding myself that the girls are just kids.  I even teared up when I read her comment on my last post, because it's so simple but so perfect.  "They are just kids.  Have patience." will probably run on a loop in my brain this year.  

1. Be a better wife, mom, daughter, and friend. 

2. Keep a clean, clutter-free house.

3. Make healthier choices.

Related to resolution #1:

·                     Go on one date per month with Justin; try some stay at home date nights (1/12)
·                     Go on one romantic getaway weekend with Justin 
·                     Go on one family trip to a water park and one camping trip
·                     Go on one museum / zoo / aquarium / educational activity per month (0/12)
·                     Be patient with the girls; remember that they are just kids
·                     Figure out a new and improved bedtime routine
·                     Do one Pinterest-inspired kid activity per month (something messy the girls will love) (0/12)
·                     Host a [Justin's side] family game night twice; have the in-laws over for dinner twice (0/2)
·                     Host a [my side] family game night twice; have parents over for dinner twice (0/2)
·                     Make plans to see Justin’s mom at least once 
·                     Go on one date per quarter with my mom (0/4)
·                     Take a more active role in friendships; be the initiator
·                     Send at least 3 care packages / CDPs (0/3)
·                     Send thank you / congrats / thinking of you cards regularly; acknowledge all birthdays

Related to resolution #2:

·                     Purchase and install a playroom toy organization system
·                     Purchase and install shelves in basement
·                     Clean and organize garage
·                     Have a garage sale
·                     Sell / give away / donate baby gear, toys, clothes
·                     Sell / give away / donate maternity / nursing clothes
·                     Sell / give away / donate another 15 bags of my clothes (0/15)
·                     Wash basement laundry mountain
·                     Organize and dry clean suits
·                     Organize downstairs hall closet; put in shoe holders
·                     Go through 15 random crap bins (0/15)
·                     Turn closet at bottom of the stairs into a pantry

Related to resolution #3:

·                     Go on weight watchers long enough to be able to eyeball things again
·                     Make a recipe book with WW and other healthy recipes
·                     Cook dinner at least 5 nights a week
·                     Exercise at least 3 days per week Exercise 100 times (edited because I like Susie's version better) (2/100)
·                     Get a fitbit
·                     Get resistance bands and regularly do knee and ankle strengthening exercises
·                     Stretch at least once a week; work towards making it a daily habit (4/52)
·                     Take vitamins daily
·                     Drink at least 2 AGMC mugs of water per day
·                     Go to yoga at least twice a month (0/24)
·                     Complete Couch to 5K again
·                     Run in at least 3 races (0/3)
·                     Complete 1 round of 30 day shred or other fitness program
·                     Complete Fall Hiking Spree


·                     Read every book club book, past and present
·                     Replace the basement carpet (and maybe the living room if it's affordable)
·                     Find wedding photo disk; try contacting Carlos and FOLLOW THROUGH
·                     Buy a new mattress pad and new sheets
·                     Re-caulk the shower
·                     Complete living room art project
·                     Donate blood 3 times (0/3)
·                     Get 3 massages (0/3)
·                     Fix social security number on car loan
·                     Pay off and cancel Target, Barclay, and Goodyear cards; no late payments on anything else
·                     Paint over walls Lucia colored on
·                     Plan friend-iversary trip
·                     Take a photography class 
·                     Sell / give away / donate desk, dresser, and entertainment center
·                     Paint or sell childhood bedroom set                    
·                     Put together and organize new makeup storage bins     
·                     Organize jewelry; buy a statement necklace or a great pair of earrings as a reward
·                     Watch Breaking Bad and Scandal
·                     Go on a yoga retreat    
·                     Finish crocheting Lucy's blanket; start one for Adriana


Mama Tully said...

Awwww, I'm so glad you found that little story useful! I'll have to tell my mom that I passed her parenting tip on to another mom :) Another thing she always made a point of doing if we misbehaved was to emphasize that maybe we had done a bad thing, but we were not a bad person because of it. She would never say that we were "a bad girl," but rather, we had made a bad choice. She had all sorts of rather forward thinking parenting techniques, lol!
You have some great 2014 goals. I like how you always make "to do" lists of sorts to breakdown your goals. I'm a BIG list maker, so being able to cross things off in order to achieve a goal/resolution makes it all that much more satisfying!
Happy New Year!

Erica said...

Ha ha I watch the croods a lot too. It has grown on me.

susan said...

Phew! seeing it like that overwhelms me, but I'm glad a list like that helps you hone in and focus. I know realistically it's not that overwhelming. I just feel like that alone would have taken me a month to write.

Erin G said...

Oooooh patience. That's a good one. I have never picked a word for a year but if I did it should probably be that too.

Erin G said...

Happy new year to you and yours! So glad I got to meet you this year!

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