Friday, January 17, 2014

The Sleep Sitch, The Bitch Sitch, and the Stitch Sitch

I don't know if you guys can tell, but I was going through a rough patch there for a while, parenting-wise.  It just seemed like an endless cycle in which the girls didn't sleep, so they would act like hellions, and we didn't sleep because they didn't sleep, so we'd yell at them, they would scream and cry, which would make us even more irritable, which would make us yell more, and ugh.  It was none good.  I felt like all I ever did was yell at them, and it was the worst feeling in the world.

Unfortunately, the shared room is probably what started this cycle of suck.  Adriana was acting out at bedtime for a few weeks before we moved them, and at first the shared room was actually helpful because Lucy's presence seemed to comfort Adriana and to keep her from getting scared.  However, I started noticing that not only did Lucy start waking up when Adriana did, but both girls were waking up a few minutes earlier and going to bed a few minutes later every day.  Then we had the evil fall time change, which made the situation worse.  Then Barfsgiving happened, Lucy's crazy molluscum/folliculitis rash flared up, and Adriana smashed her finger in a door and eventually lost her nail.  One kid would wake up crying (and wake up the rest of the family) at least 2 times a night at least 5 times a week.  It was miserable.  

We finally have the sleeping under control, but only because Lucy is now sleeping on her old crib mattress on the playroom floor.  For a while we were having her sleep in her bed, then bringing in a sleeping Adriana, but everyone was just staying up SO LATE that way.  I have also been making Lucy sleep in the dark with the door closed, because she sleeps SO MUCH BETTER that way.  This means she cries for about 5 minutes before going to bed, but I don't even care.  Adriana is still a little challenging at night, pulling out a million stall tactics but I have found that the coddling just makes things worse.  Repeatedly putting her back in bed and refusing to come out of mine to deal with her results in her falling asleep way sooner.  Every once in a while we have a night where both kids stay up too long yelling "I'm sorry, mama!!!" from their beds and then giggling, but more often than not they are both asleep within 15 minutes of me putting them down, and it's SO MUCH BETTER for everyone involved.

The improved sleeping situation has definitely helped out on the bitch sitch (both my own and my daughter's, ha).  Dance class is going better, Adriana behaved alllllmost the entire time, but got kicked out once near the very end for hitting a classmate.  Still, progress.  

My Mirena-related bitchiness is still there, but even that has toned down now that I'm sleeping better.  I do fully believe that it's not right for me though, and that the extreme swings in emotion and the extra volatile temperament are bad enough to rip that sucker out.  My appointments keep getting rescheduled though, either due to my unpredictable period or the doctor running late and needing to reschedule.  I keep threatening to just rip it out myself, but that's too gross even for me.  

This is really not related, but fits with my not so clever title so I went with it.  If you don't follow me on Instagram, you probably don't know that Lucia split her chin open last week, requiring 7 stitches.  She was at my parents' house and slipped on the wood floor while taking her coat off (so her hands were pinned and she couldn't break the fall).  Let me tell you, this kid is a CHAMP.  I always struggle to find my genes in her, but I'm proud to say she's tough like mama (Daddy and Adriana would probably scream and cry while getting stitches).  Lucy did great, not moving a muscle while they stitched her up.  Love that kid.  

This was how she looked when I got to the hospital

She was less enthused after getting the stitches, but still hanging in there

Look how wee she looks in the bed

Adriana is very protective of baby sissy (at least when she isn't fighting with her)

Uncle Nicky removed her stitches - it's healing up nicely!
  That's all for now - what have YOU been up to lately?


Brenna said...

Man, that molluscum is a pain in the ass, isn't it? I think it FINALLY juuust went away on my little one after dealing with it for 8-9 months.

Susan said...

I loved mirena, it's interesting how it affects people so differently. If our adoption of 3 comes through, that might be a viable option for us. I'm glad the dance situation is going better, baby steps are, like you said, still progress :) I'm glad everyone is sleeping better, I know I am not a nice person on lack of sleep.