Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Wonderland Tag / Christmas and Black Friday Hauls

In case you haven't noticed, I still love me a good tag, even if no one ever plays along.  If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged and put your link in the comments below.  I'm not sure where this tag originated, but both Amarixe and Vlogwithkendra (two of my favorite youtubers) did it recently.  I realize a couple of the questions are belated, but I like the tag because it touches on some stuff I haven't talked about before.  

1. What do you like best about winter?  Pre-kids, my answer would have most certainly been "That it will eventually end."  I don't think I have ever talked about this, but I am not a winter fan whatsoever and should totally not live in Ohio.  I hate being cold, I hate driving in the snow, and I hate people who forget how to drive in the snow.  Also?  I don't even really like Christmas.  I know that's not a popular view and it basically makes me a heathen, but it's the truth.  Ever since I became an adult with a real job and financial responsibilities, I'd rather just skip the stress and use the money for things we actually need.  While sparkly lights are pretty, but 99.9% of Christmas decorations are tacky and forced Christmas music drives me insane.  I don't need a holiday to get together with my family.  Seeing Christmas through my girls' eyes has definitely brought back some of the magic though.  My favorite thing about winter this year has definitely been listening to them freak out when they find Elfie every morning.  Lucia is especially hilarious, she had a HUGE reaction and basically cackled until she nearly hyperventilated almost every single day.  

2.  Scarves or beanies? I have never been a hat person, so scarves all the way.  I have an extensive scarf collection; it's the most versatile accessory ever.  In addition to the intended purpose, I've used scarves as a hooter hider, burp cloth, headband, umbrella, blanket, bathing suit coverup, kleenex, to cover up the giant mess in my bag at meetings, and to cover my legs when I wore a skirt that looked totally fine in the mirror, but rode waaaaay up when I sat down in the hearing room.  Can't say that about a hat.  

3.  What's your favorite holiday movie?  Elf.  I'm not normally the biggest Will Farrell fan, but this is one of about three movies I actually love him in.  Plus, you know, Zooey.  

4.  Favorite winter nail polish? I love to rock plain old black nails in the winter.  OPI's Black Onyx is a good one.  

5.  Favorite Starbucks holiday drink?   Salted Caramel Mocha or Peppermint Hot Chocolate, depending on my mood.

6. What are your top three winter essentials? 1) A good lip balm.  I love stuff with a menthol flavor in the winter.  I've been using Maybelline's Dr. Rescue Baby Lips in various shades by day and Epicuren by night.  If you don't like menthol, the Kiehl's lip balms are super moisturizing too.  2) Fuzzy socks.  3) An electric blanket.  Justin got me a really nice one from Target last year.  

7. Name one item on your wish list this year.  Huh, I totally thought I posted my whole wish list again this year but apparently I didn't.  So now I'm going to use this question as an opportunity to show you all of my Christmas prezzies.  In addition to the stuff below, I got some $ from Justin's grandparents (I bought some of the makeup off my Christmas list with it - I don't consider this cheating on Project 25 Pan since they wanted us to spend it on stuff we would enjoy), $ from my parents (to go towards new carpet), a gift card to an Italian grocery store from my grandma, and a sweater and a totally awesome lightbox (for better makeup photography!) from my parents, and makeup and shower storage from Justin (I'll do a post on that after it's assembled and organized).  

I love how the top picture basically proves that I am still a 13 year old girl at heart.  The candle is from the in-laws' recent trip to Sedona, Twilight is from Justin (I loooooooooove the makeup in that movie!), and Hunger Games and the Divergent trilogy are from my SIL, who drew my name in the family gift exchange this year.  

The pile of Lorac is from Justin; he bought two of the sets that went on mega sale after Black Friday.  The bracelet is also from the in-laws (not MIL, she is still MIA), and the scarf, Kate Spade wallet, and Laura Mercier bath stuff are from my parents.  They still spoil us, I know.  You should have seen what they got the grandkids, omg.  My playroom overfloweth.  

8.  Favorite holiday song? As I mentioned in the first response, I don't really dig Christmas music.  Carol of the Bells is pretty though.  And I like that song that Zooey sings in the shower in Elf.  

9.  Are you going Black Friday shopping this year?  Not gonna lie, this question was part of the reason I wanted to do this tag.  An excuse to belatedly show you my poorly photographed Black Friday haul, woohoo!  I basically used BF as an excuse to stock up on work wear.  I wear the CRAP out of my work clothes and think $80 for a pair of pants is extortion, so I was excited to see that LOFT and Limited were both having 50% off sales.  

Here we go!

 From the LOFT - the dress in the top left was $39.75, the oatmeal tank was $3.49, the tights were $7.25, the black tank was $9.75, the blue top was $14.99, the black jean leggings and my black cords (not pictured because I had already gotten white fuzzies all the eff over them) were $29.75, two of the bracelets were $14.75 each and the pandora ripoff one was $12.25, and the sweater (in the pic below) was $29.75.  In total I spent $222.15 and saved $206.25.  
From Limited, the 3 pairs of pants were $39.97, the scarf was $16.45, the bracelets were $12 each, and the ring was $13.75.  I spent $174.93 and saved $149.83.  

I don't think I found the most amazing deals in the universe or anything, but this allowed me to retire some VERY WORN OUT work apparel.  I didn't need to get so much damn jewelry, but I feel like I need a little bit of bling on days I wear suits  to keep me from looking blah.  When I wear jewelry I feel a touch more professional because it actually looks like I give a crap about my appearance.  Or something.  

My only regret is that I didn't notice that one of the pairs of pants is Drew fit and not Cassidy.  Drew is a bitch who hates curvy (okay, fine, chubby) chicks.  Drew is not my friend.  But I'm hoping that if I get that other bitch Mirena out of my life, Drew and I can become besties.  I really like the pants.  

10.  Must have winter lip product: I know you can scrub your lips with a toothbrush, but mine are always too sensitive in the winter for that.  I can, however, get away with a gentle lip scrub.  I am still using up my brown sugar scrub from Julep, but Mary Kay also has a really nice one.  

11.  Will you be rocking an ugly sweater this year?  Yes, unfortunately.  No offense to you ugly sweater party hostesses out there, but this whole concept is just TIRED.  Can't we all agree that it was super fun the first year or two we all did this, back when we had to scour goodwill or our grandma's closets to find something appropriate, but now that there are whole ugly sweater stores it's time to find a new party theme?  Anyway, this is the sweater I got, because I keep purging them and then I keep needing to buy another freaking new one.  It's ugly but not so ugly I can't be seen in public or anything.   

12.  Have you ever had a white Christmas where you live?  Yeah, I don't really remember any Christmases where we didn't.  Northeast Ohio, Lake Effect snow, etc. etc.

13.  Favorite winter candle scent?  I actually bought a bunch of candles right after I did the Sweater Weather tag.  I have been loving B&BW's Vanilla Fireside and Mahogany Teakwood.  

14. How will you be celebrating this holiday?  We spent all day with Justin's dad side on Christmas eve.  We opened presents at our house Christmas morning, then went over to my parents for more presents and then got together with my mom's side after that.  I was too exhausted / sick to go back to my parents to see my dad's side, so we will have to get together with them later. 

That's all, folks!  Let me know if you are feeling taggy and actually do this one.  


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