Monday, March 10, 2014

Enabler Alerts: IT Cosmetics, PopSugar Must Haves, New Beauty Test Tube, and Kohl's Beauty Box

Hi, everyone!  I can't believe I took such a long blogging break, I don't think I've ever missed a whole month since I started.  I missed you guys!

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on a few purchases I have made recently, in case you are interested too.  I'm sorry, project 25 pan :(

Screenshot from
First, today only, IT Cosmetics is today's QVC TSV; the CC Your Way to Beautiful Skin Anti-Aging 4 piece collection is $59.98 plus $7.22 S&H.  As you may know, I am a huuuuuuuuge fan of IT Cosmetics.  The Bye Bye Redness color correcting cream is probably the best beauty find of my entire life, and that is not an exaggeration.   I have never been much of a BB / CC / DD cream person since they typically don't give me enough coverage, but Jamie Kern-Lima has rosacea too, and that makes me think like this one might be the magical CC cream that works for me.  I watched the QVC video, and it looks like you get a pretty decent sized tube.  I got it in light, since IT Cosmetics means business when they say Fair.  I LOVE every IT Cosmetics brush and lip gloss I own, so I am excited to add those to my collection.  Finally, IT Cosmetics recently sent me the Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer, and I'm excited to have a backup of this really unique product.  

These pics aren't the greatest, but you should be able to see what a great product it is.  The first eyeball is with no product, the second is with Tightline alone, and the last is with a coat or three of the IT Cosmetics Hello, Lashes over Tightline.  I feel like the Tightline primer is great for natural "no makeup" looks or to get those pesky bottom lashes (the tiny wand is perfect for that!), but when combined it with the regular, super black IT Cosmetics mascara, it's AMAZING.  I feel very va-va-voom with this combo on.  Plus you really can skip the extra step of tightlining if you want (I do it anyway, and find that the primer makes it last longer).  

Next up is the PopSugar Must Haves box.  You may remember that even though it's my all time favorite subscription service, I quit in order to justify my Naked 3 purchase.  Welllll, apparently I just need PSMH in my life, because I saw the spoilers for this month and resubscribed in a heartbeat.  I am planning on doing my review today / tonight, but I wanted to include it here since I think the March boxes have almost run out, and the MARCH10 / IKAT10 promo code might not be good after today.  Those codes get you $10 off the March box, which includes a GORGEOUS $72 Brokedown scarf that is perfect for spring, as well as some other adorable goodies.  Here is my referral link, if you are interested!

I also caved on this month's New Beauty Test Tube, another old favorite.  I quit both this version and the QVC version because I had too much stuff and needed to save money, not because I don't love both subs.  I intend to only resubscribe for this month, but we'll see.  I couldn't pass up a tarte blush, glam glow, AND it's a 10.  What an amazing box!!!  There is no referral link for that one, but if you want to go through the hassle of sending me your email address so I can "invite" you, that would be sweet.  If not, just go here, it's much easier.  

Finally, I was chatting with Kelly on twitter about missing the Target beauty box, and Kohl's surprised us both by offering to send their beauty box for free.  It's not a subscription at this time, but if you follow @kohls on twitter and talk crap about other beauty boxes (ha!), they might surprise you with a box!  I'll probably post pics / review mine on here too, but I don't want to spoil it for Kelly so I'll wait until she gets hers.

Finally the second, some of you have been asking about when the Allure Box next goes on sale.  It should be in April, and this is my best guess for the link.  Check it often :)  I will update when I know more, of course.  

Have you found any good deals lately?  Comment below for everyone else.  Not for me, since I am now banned from purchasing for a while :)

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april said...

I was just thinking yesterday that I haven't seen you around in awhile! (it was actually while in the shower washing my face with my clarsonic) Good to see you back! And now I will be stalking you for more information on the Allure box.