Friday, March 14, 2014

How to Save at Target

So, I'm probably the last person in the universe to know about this.  Feel free to make fun of me in the comments.  But in case this helps someone, I'm going to go ahead and post it.

My lovely friend D came over to give me an amazing Target coupon because she already had one on her phone ($15 off a $40 up & up purchase).  I mentioned that 90% of what I own was purchased at Target but that I'm lazy and hadn't taken the time to figure out the Cartwheel app or to get any coupons other than the book that gets mailed to me every few months.  She quickly schooled me in Target Couponing 101, and now I have to tell all of you.

The Cartwheel app is pretty self explanatory; go to the app store, download it, sign in, browse offers of different categories.  Right now I can save 10 of the 581 offers, but D says that your number gets increased over time (she is up to 20).  You can sort by discount, and D said she gets free stuff from time to time when combining it with other offers.  The trick is to use your paper coupons FIRST, and Cartwheel LAST.  

I had heard of Cartwheel, but never knew the wonders of Target Mobile Coupons.  First, you text "offers" to 827438.  Then you click the link, sign up, agree to some things, and reply "Y" to confirm you really want Target to text you.  Then the fun begins.  There are other words you can text to that number to get even more offers.  I texted "clean" for a bunch of laundry coupons, "spring", "thanks", and "storetrip" for food and cleaning products, "apparel" for $5 off any $25 clothing purchase, "baby4" to subscribe to baby coupons, and "upandup" for the aforementioned $15 off $40 of up & up items.

These all have expiration dates and certain restrictions apply, but basically it opened up my eyes to the world of easier couponing.  I may never open a newspaper, but I dick around on my phone ALL DAY LONG.  I can definitely take a few minutes to check my texts before I shop to make the most out of my target experience.  So much of the items I buy on any given Target trip were on sale, it was almost embarrassing to think of all of the money I could have been saving.

So, yeah.  Coupons.  


Swistle said...

I feel like I STILL don't Get It. I think I'm just going to have to Do It and THEN maybe I'll Get It.

Swistle said...

(I should specify WHAT I don't get. Thing one: I don't get how it can work to sort through 500 coupons to find the ones I want, even if there IS sorting. Thing two: I don't get how I can turn texts on my phone into something the cashier can ring up.)

Tia said...

I get the baby text coupons, but I didn't know there were others. I HATE Cartwheel though. It's a million things to sort through, and I didn't know you can only use 10 at a time. If I have Cartwheel, they should just scan it. I shouldn't have to spend hours flipping through things to add them to my virtual cart.

Anonymous said...

Cartwheel has an option to search by scanning a product. There is a bar code by the search bar, so as you're shopping, you can scan an item you're interested in and it will pull up a matching offer for you to add to cartwheel. It's super easy and most Target team members are pretty knowledgeable about cartwheel, if you have trouble.

susan said...

I tend to not use cartwheel on small tiny 5% off things, because it can be a pain if i I have a big order trying to figure out the best deal. But like when they had 40% off their c9 clothes (even clearance was included) via cartwheel, yes - you can bet I used it :) I use it on anything higher priced and almost always scan the barcode on clearance things to see if it's worth saving a bit more. I didn't really bother ever in the past with mobile coupons, but I don't see why not, might help me out considering I spend SO MUCH there. ugh.