Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Allure Beauty Box Update

I am sure that most of you trying to get the box already know this, but in case some people were interested but had plans yesterday I thought I'd post. 

In a completely non-shocking turn of events for anyone who has paid attention the past few years, the Allure web site went down when the sale went live yesterday and very few people were able to snag a box.  Allure will be honoring the sales for anyone who got one through the second link they announced on facebook (instead of they send people to  Allure is going to try again on May 6 at 12:01 eastern, I assume at this link.  If you can't get through, try /beauty-box instead of /summer, or check the makeuptalk thread since they always know what is going on.  Make sure you are hitting refresh repeatedly and that you click on anything that needs to be clicked on once it says it's on sale now. 

I definitely had buyer's remorse when I signed up for the presale, but between my bet that Allure was going to jack up the price and this hot mess, I'm so glad I did.  I think it works out to like $8 a box for the convenience of not worrying about it, and there was no way with my important work stuff I had going on yesterday I could have ordered one.  Not that it didn't stop me from piping in to talk about it on twitter though, haha.  Hopefully my tweeting wasn't too obvious or distracting. 

I already got my shipping notice; looks like I can expect my box around May 1.  Not sure if allure will ship the ones that went through yesterday in the first batch or the second, but I'm guessing they will email you and let you know. 

I hope everyone who wants one of these can get it!  Like I said, it's my favorite deal of the year; well worth the price even when I can't possibly use every last item.  Happy shopping!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Enabler Alert: Allure Beauty Box - Summer 2014 Must-Haves (SPOILERS)

Click here for an update!

It's my favorite time of year - Allure Beauty Box time!  Scroll to the bottom for my initial thoughts on this year's box, and click here to see last year's. 

If you aren't familiar, the Allure Beauty Box is an awesome deal, you spend about $50 to get over $300 worth of products.  It's typically drug store with a few high end items thrown in.  It usually goes on sale in April, July, and November, and arrives within a week or two.  Even though I'm getting to the point that it's hard to use everything up, it's still my favorite deal of the year.  And everyone else's, as evidenced by the fact that it sells out within minutes. 

This year the box will be $44.95 instead of the usual $39.99.  Shipping and handling plus taxes last year ran me about $53, so I'm thinking it will be in the $58 range.  The box can be purchased here at 12:01 eastern time tomorrow (April 29, 2014).  Allure has pulled the trigger early in the past, so I recommend refreshing the page about 5 minutes before that.  DO NOT FORGET TO REFRESH; some people have missed it because they thought they just had to go to the page and wait.  This WILL sell out in minutes. 

And now for what's in it...

  • Aloxxi Flexible Hairspray
  • Big Sexy Hair Get Layered Flash Dry Thickening Hairspray
  • Developlus Anti-Aging Hair Treatment System
  • GK Hair ThermalStylerHer
  • Not Your Mother's Intensive Hair Unit Renewal Treatment
  • One 'N Only Argan Oil Cream-to-Serum Styler
  • Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Heat Protect Spray
  • Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Conditioner
  • Redken Mess Around 10 Disrupting Cream-Paste
  • Rusk Freezing Spray
Skin / Body
  • Burt's Bee's Even Tone Moisturizing Cream
  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths
  • Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Body Wash
  • IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ (also listed in Makeup)
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face + Body Stick Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF
  • Rembrandt Deeply White Toothpaste
  • Softsoap Sea Kissed Exfoliating Body Wash
  • Tan Towel Classic Self-Tan Towelettes
  • Flower Nail'd it Nail Lacquer
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine Top Coat
  • Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Gloss
  • IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ (also listed in Skincare)
  • Neutrogenal MoistureSmooth Color Stick
  • Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara
There are estimated values and product links over at My Subscription Addiction if you are interested.  Based on that, this box appears to be worth $322 or so. 

Okay, now for my thoughts...

First off, I am still working through a lot of the products from the last box, so one would think that it's crazy to get another one.  But this box has IT Cosmetics CC cream in it, a product which is becoming my holy grail rosacea-hider (review coming soon).  So that's $38 of the $58 right there.  I have also been wanting to try the Big Sexy Hair thickening spray, so these two products alone justify the purchase of the box.  Everything else is like a giant gift with purchase.

Pros: This box is definitely higher value than the last couple, but I think the summer box always is.  There is no leg makeup this time, and only one self tanning product, which tells me that they are hearing the complaints of the proudly pale and naturally dark ladies loud and clear.  I am SO EXCITED about the IT Cosmetics since all of the makeup in the last box was drugstore (yes, I consider NYX drugstore).  I'm weirdly excited by the toothpaste; I love when the box has stuff like that or razors and shave gel or other necessities I'd buy anyway to further justify the purchase. 

Cons: I really wish the box was a little more balanced - holy balls that is a lot of hair stuff.  It's really NICE hair stuff, most of which I am interesting in trying, but not all at once.  I'd love to see some of the hair stuff replaced by a nice high end palette or other makeup product.  I could do without the nail stuff...I'd rather see manicure products than polish.  Maybe some of the nailtiques nail strengtheners next time, Allure gods? Finally, the price hike is a con, but I'm not really surprised and still think it's a great value overall.

So, what do you think?  Are you in?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Because You All Want to Know About My Flow

This post definitely falls into the TMI category, so if the title doesn't sound like something you want to read about, consider yourself warned. 

I went to a new lady doctor for my annual appointment the other day, because the doctor who delivered both of the girls moved out of state.  I go to one of those practices where you may or may not end up with your doctor of choice at the time of delivery, so I was really lucky that I happened to go into labor on days when mine was on call.  Because of this set up, I didn't always go to my normal doctor for every single prenatal visit. Over the course of two pregnancies I had at least met most of the doctors in the practice.  I picked another "young female who seems nice". 

So anyway, this doctor had more questions than usual because it was the first time I ever saw her as "her" patient.  She was really interested in my flow, to the point that it was kind of weird.  I mean, I know mine is heavier than normal (to the point I only wear cheap undies the first few nights), but I have been dealing with it since I was 13 so I don't really think about it that often.  She acted shocked that I had never considered medical intervention, and gave me pamphlets on Lysteda and Gynecare Thermachoice.  Lysteda is a non hormonal pill you take 3 times a day up to 5 days of your period.  Gynecare Thermachoice is a non hormonal uterine balloon therapy system, so it's a device you insert and then ignore.  Neither one acts as birth control.

So my question this a thing people actually do?  Does anyone have experience with either option, good or bad?  I have literally never heard of medical intervention for heavy periods aside from birth control.  I am wondering if they just can't stand that I don't need any prescriptions now that hubs has a vasectomy so they are trying to push meds on me for any reason they can find.  Anyway, thoughts are appreciated. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Judgy Judys

So, you know how there are Negative Nancys and Debbie Downers?  I think we need to create a new class of People Who Suck called Judgy Judys.  I don't know if I'm extra sensitive lately or if the fact that spring is still totally not happening is making people pissy, but there have been a plethora of Judgy Judys all getting up in my business lately and I am so very tired of it. 

Judgy Judy #1:  This is not one specific person, this is actually basically EVERY PERSON in my life upon finding out that my car was broken into a couple of weeks ago (right in my driveway).  After the background questions were taken care of like what was stolen (my work laptop bag, which had a laptop, my ipad, some chargers, my planner, and some pens in it) and if everyone was okay (yes), SO MANY PEOPLE instantly transformed into a Judgy Judy and gave me crap for leaving that stuff in my car in the first place.  Dude, I am almost 35 years old.  I KNOW that I shouldn't leave expensive electronics in my car, even if it is just in my driveway.  I totally agree that my neighborhood isn't that safest, that is why we set our alarm every day and night.  Trust me, it is no picnic having to tell work that I lost a company laptop along with a bunch of stuff that wasn't backed up on the shared drive, not to mention dealing with the broken glass and car repairs.  I JUST FORGOT.  IT HAPPENS.  Stop lecturing me, Judgy Judy.

Judgy Judy #2:  So I have this coworker who is either intentionally rude or just not aware of the fine line between sarcasm and bitchiness, but I usually let it slide because it's just not worth the drama.  However, I do take personally when the jabs are related to parenting, especially when she is not a parent and therefore has no idea what she is talking about.  Another coworker was talking about how his flight back from Orlando was awful because there was a bunch of kids bouncing off the walls, fresh off a Disney trip.  I said that if it was any consolation, the parents probably hated it just as much as he did because I'm still scarred from flying solo with the girls when they were 1 and 3.  She jumped in with a diatribe about how kids are awful and how SOME PEOPLE just need to learn how to control them, and how if she misbehaved as a kid she got her butt beat.  We have had conversations in the past about how one year olds don't tend to stop crying in response to beatings, but she loves to say stuff like this any time I make the slightest comment about my kids acting up.  Somehow the conversation even went to how her cat "knows who is boss".  Because kids and cats are totes the same.  Anyway, I don't think anyone who has never had the experience of having your own kids freak out in public gets to be a Judgy Judy.  It's torture, I promise. 

Judgy Judy #3: This is sort of related to the previous one.  We were at dance class this week, and Adriana got kicked out during the last few minutes in class because she hit someone.  This is the first incident like this in a long time - she has actually been doing really great.  I was not happy about the backslide.  I made sure she had apologized to the girl and her teacher, and told her she had to go to time out as soon as we got home.  As I was packing her stuff up, both of my girls started doing chin ups on the door.  I told them to get down and continued packing.  Another mom actually physically put her arms around Adriana and held her close, talking in her ear loudly about how little girls have to listen.  In my head I was like HELL NO don't touch my kids, but in reality was so surprised I didn't really react other than to pull Adriana to me and get the fuck out of there.  As we were leaving, the mom started smacking her two year old's hand and saying "See?  You were bad so I am giving you a spanking.  Because that's what we do when kids are bad.  You'll listen better next time, won't you?"  And of course she was looking at me to make sure her message about how I should parent my kids was sinking in.  Because, you know, hitting my kid would TOTALLY teach her hitting is wrong.  ARGH. 

Judgy Judy #4:  Justin and I were driving the girls around this weekend in an attempt to achieve the glorious synchronized child nap.  We went to an ice cream place and I got a banana split.  The kid next to me asked his mom what it was, and she said "It's A LOT of ice cream."  That alone wouldn't have really bothered me, but she totally shot me a look of disgust at the same time.  First of all, I was going to split it with Justin.  Second of all, I hadn't had one in forever, and banana splits remind me of getting engaged so they make me happy.  Third of all, it's not YOUR ASS that has to pay the consequences, so back off, JUDGY JUDY!!! 

Tell me your Judgy Judy stories below, so we can all get irate on each other's behalf.  I know you have a good one. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Weaning Advice Needed

So, my friend B asked me for weaning advice, and I am ill equipped to answer her questions since my kids could not get off the boob fast enough. 

If I remember correctly, Adriana started eating cereal at 4 months and I was supplementing with formula soon after, and Lucia started eating cereal at 6 months, but I think I might have supplemented with formula around 4 months with her too.  Adriana loved purees and thought those Gerber squeezy pouches were the best snack ever until she was almost 3, but Lucy never really liked them and always preferred table food (and lots of it).  Both girls had HUGE appetites from day one, and my boobs never really cut it once I went back to work at 4 months.  As soon as I started pumping, my supply tanked, and by 8 months both girls were done.  Plus it was heartbreaking to pump all day and not even have an ounce to show for it, so I was pretty done too. 

It was kind of a natural exit with Adriana; I was COMMITTED to making it a year and tried really hard, but she had no interest in them once they weren't making enough to satisfy her.  She'd want to play or bite or look around, basically anything except nurse.  I probably could have stretched Lucy out another few weeks, but we had hearings coming up and I was going to be away from home, only seeing the girls on the weekend.  I didn't want to be tied to a pump when I was traveling, so I think I quit pretty close to cold turkey.  She totally didn't miss it, she loved her bottle.   

My friend's daughter is 14 months and not showing any sign of stopping.  You know how you feel when your kid isn't sleeping through the night and you feel like it will never, ever end?  I think that's how she feels about breastfeeding.  She is ready to be done, and doesn't know the best way to go about weaning. 

If you weaned your kids after a year, please let us know how you did it.  Any advice is appreciated!!