Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Allure Beauty Box Update

I am sure that most of you trying to get the box already know this, but in case some people were interested but had plans yesterday I thought I'd post. 

In a completely non-shocking turn of events for anyone who has paid attention the past few years, the Allure web site went down when the sale went live yesterday and very few people were able to snag a box.  Allure will be honoring the sales for anyone who got one through the second link they announced on facebook (instead of they send people to  Allure is going to try again on May 6 at 12:01 eastern, I assume at this link.  If you can't get through, try /beauty-box instead of /summer, or check the makeuptalk thread since they always know what is going on.  Make sure you are hitting refresh repeatedly and that you click on anything that needs to be clicked on once it says it's on sale now. 

I definitely had buyer's remorse when I signed up for the presale, but between my bet that Allure was going to jack up the price and this hot mess, I'm so glad I did.  I think it works out to like $8 a box for the convenience of not worrying about it, and there was no way with my important work stuff I had going on yesterday I could have ordered one.  Not that it didn't stop me from piping in to talk about it on twitter though, haha.  Hopefully my tweeting wasn't too obvious or distracting. 

I already got my shipping notice; looks like I can expect my box around May 1.  Not sure if allure will ship the ones that went through yesterday in the first batch or the second, but I'm guessing they will email you and let you know. 

I hope everyone who wants one of these can get it!  Like I said, it's my favorite deal of the year; well worth the price even when I can't possibly use every last item.  Happy shopping!


Jessica said...

This is awesome! I thought I didn't get one out of stupidity (slash baby brain/sleep deprivation). I set all my alarms, was at my computer...and then realized it was 12:00 MY time - central - not eastern. I figured the allure site was down just because I'd missed it. Now I get a second shot!

april said...

I got in (at 1pm) and ordered before it crashed again, but I'm glad others can try again. Man I wasted a lot of yesterday on that.

I took inventory of what I got last summer box and there are only 4-5 items I didn't use at all. So yay!