Friday, June 6, 2014

Eleven Things

I was tagged by the lovely Jessica (who has an adorable brand new baby!!! yay!!!), and you know I'm always up for a good meme.

1) What is your favorite type of cheese?
I love all cheese that does not have mold chunks, it is so hard to pick just one.  When I was a kid I got a zillion shots for allergy testing purposes, and my mom told the doctor to tell me that the one that got all puffy and rashy was a cheese allergy.  I almost cried, and that was a big deal because I never cried in public.  Thankfully that was the shot for "nature", not "cheese".  Whew.  Anyway, if I had to pick just one, I guess I would go with brie.  Mmmmmmm wine and brie.

2) What are you excited about?
Even though I think the whole concept of detoxing is complete and utter bullshit, I am crazy excited to start my Arbonne detox in a few weeks (I'm in Columbus for hearings now so I can't do it any time soon).  Even though the detox aspect is fake science, I think it's going to be a great way to lose weight quickly and to get me in the right mindset to start making healthier choices. I am also hoping it will give me more energy.  Plus I'm tired of thinking and talking about it and just want to DO it. I can't wait!!!

3) How did you celebrate your last birthday?
I had a really great birthday last year; people were way nicer and more generous than they needed to be.  Lots of coworker lunches all week.  The day of I went to book club like a good nerd (my friend N got me a beautiful cake!), then spent time with Justin (he got me a necklace I didn't lose or break all year!)

4) What is on your bedside table?
If I wasn't staying out of town I'd take a picture.  It's very cluttered - there are typically tons of books and tons of diet coke cans.  I am currently reading Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, since any book Elizabeth likes is sure to be a winner.  I have a gigantic Pier 1 lamp that is not really my style anymore.  I have a tray Lucy painted and a bowl Adriana painted (which Lucy smashed a bit), both of which hold jewelry, hair ties, loose change, etc.  I have a bin of my nighttime face and body products on the bottom shelf of my nightstand.

5) What do you order from the movie theater concession stand?
If I don't sneak in Five Guys like the classy broad I am, I'll usually get pretzels and cheese.  Justin and I love cherry ICEEs but the machine is broken 99% of the time, no matter which theater we go to.

6) Do you have a garden?  What's growing?
Nope.  This is one of those things I'd like to do some day, but don't have the time or energy today.  My next outdoor project will be replacing my gorgeous knockout roses that were destroyed by this year's crazy weather and power washing the house.

7) Any summer plans?
I have multiple big cases in OH and PA, so lots of travel for that.  My parents just bought a second house on Portage Lakes(!!!), so I'm guessing we will be spending tons of time helping out there and going out on the boat.  They are putting in a pool so if that is actually happening this summer we will be swimming a lot too.  I'd like to go to Kelley's island at least once.  Finally, we are going to Myrtle Beach in August. 

8) Which TV couple(s) are you rooting for?
Even though I hated Cristina and Owen from Gray's Anatomy for a long time, I was really coming around and then I think they made it pretty clear it's not happening.  I was surprisingly bummed.  I also want Zoe and Wade to work on Hart of Dixie.  The only other shows I'm really watching are Breaking Bad (we are finally on season 5!) and Bachelorette (I would have DEFINITELY been rooting for Eric, the guy who sad).

9) What is the last thing you bought?
Every time I think I have broken my beauty subscription / product addiction, I get more crap I don't need.  Laura and Michelle from MMandLShow did a fabfitfun unboxing, and next thing I knew I was ordering it like the sheep I am.  I have no self control. 

10) What's one thing you are passionate about?
Surprisingly, my job.  I have really been loving it and throwing myself into it lately.  Also my family and marriage equality, since I can't pick just one thing. 

11) What are you grateful for this week?
I am incredibly grateful for my husband.  I know it's not easy for him to solo parent for several weeks at a time when I'm in the middle of a case.  His support (with the help of my parents) has allowed me to do this every single time work asks me to, and I would never be where I am in my career if it weren't for him. 

I tag the following 11 people: Erica, Erica, Erica, Laura, Laura, Kara, April, Megan, Nicole, Shalini, Sara, and Emily.  And of course anyone else who wants to do this and hasn't already.  UPDATE: oops, Megan already did it, which works out because I wanted to tag Heather anyway ;)


Erin G said...

Whoa someone died on the Bachelorette? I am out of the loop!

Also I love that you bring burgers into movie theaters. :)

Nicole Tully said...

geez…you have a lot of Ericas and Lauras on your roster! This is fun, I'll play along :)

Also, high 5 to you for being passionate about your work. And high 10 to the hubby for picking up the slack while you're away. I honestly don't know if my husband could handle our kids on his own for any extended amount of time (well…he could handle it, but the general state of the house would collapse). I think the longest he's taken care of all 3 (while they are awake) on his own is a few hours :/ Pathetic!

Navigating the Mothership said...

Fun post! I haven't done a meme in forever so I might just have to do this one myself (such a nice and easy blog post). I'm also bummed about Christina and Owen and also surprised how invested I feel.

Heather said...

Do you seriously sneak 5 Guys into the movie theatre? Ha!

I thought Andi and I were the only people on Earth who watched Hart of Dixie. I'm rooting for Zoe and Wade, too. Wonder if they'll write her IRL pregnancy into the show now?

april said...

Hey, I did this already! Woo! :)

I can't believe Christina and Owen are still as will-they-or-won't-they thing, as I stopped watching Grey's years ago and I thought she was leaving the show?

Erica said...

Haha, I just saw this. Good thing I'm hidden amongst so many fellow Ericas, no one will ever know which one is a non-participating jerk. :)

Jessica said...

I am SO behind on reading/commenting lately, but I'm excited so many people did this! I'm LOVING reading them all.

I also love that you're a fellow movie-snack sneaker of epic proportions. I've snuck so many random things - like peanut butter sandwiches and GoGo applesauce for the kids.