Saturday, June 21, 2014

IT Cosmetics IT's All About You! Review + QVC TSV Enabler Alert

As you may know, I have always been a giant fan of IT Cosmetics - Bye Bye Redness changed my life!  Since that post, the IT Cosmetics PR team has sent me some products so I can share them with you guys.  I almost always end up purchasing the goodies with my own money as well, this set included.  I love this brand!

While I am disclaiming things, I should apologize in advance for the state of my eyebrows.  I'm trying to get up the courage to wax them myself and keep chickening out, so I should probably just resign myself to too thin brows and go back to my aesthetician.   Also, I totally suck at makeup photography, sorry about that! 


The IT's All About You! kit is an awesome deal - for $59.96 (or 3 payments of $23.90) you get concealer, a highlighter/blush/bronzer palette, powder foundation, a brow pencil, and a double sided brush.  You can sign up for auto-delivery and get everything but the brush every 90 days for $49.54.  I usually do auto-delivery and then change out what shade I get based on the season or skip a shipment or cancel if I am not running low.  This TSV is available on Saturday, June 21. 

First up:  the Silverplush Heavenly Luxe Dual-Ended Completion Perfection Brush (omg these names kill me).  If you have never experienced the joy that is an IT cosmetics brush, you need to get yourself to Ulta and play with them.  They are the softest, nicest brushes I own, and they hold up to washing perfectly.  LOVE.

Next is the Celebration Foundation in the shade medium beige.  I have been out in the sun too much this year so this actually matches me, and it's probably a decent bronzer for my lily white winter skin.  I have only tried the Illumination formula before so this is new to me - I actually like it much, much, MUCH better.  This is one of very few powder foundations in the universe that does a decent job of covering my rosacea on its own.  I don't even wear MAC Studio Fix alone usually, at least not to work.  I am so happy someone with rosacea created a makeup line, it's like every product just WORKS for me.
Bare skin on the left; Celebration Foundation on the right.  Don't worry, I did my hair before I went to work.  I just always do makeup first. 
I was intrigued by the CC+ Radiance Palette as soon as I saw those little color correcting blobby things in what I initially thought was a highlighter.  That is actually a brightening, color correcting finishing powder that is supposed to go all over your skin, but I prefer to just use it to brighten key areas since it does give off a little bit of a weird cast if used on my cheeks.  The blush and bronzer are gorgeous, and everything blends like a dream. 

I have gone through several Brow Powers before, but this one is a little different due to the flat, wide shape of the tip (it's usually pointier, like a pencil).  The new tip is a nice touch; I can do my brows in two seconds now.  The color also seems a bit different, it looks a little more natural on me than it did before.  This is a universal pencil, so if you push hard it's dark but if you use a light touch even blondes can use it. 
Now I will make some stupid faces so you can see the makeup.  I'm only wearing Brow Power in the right pics. 
The Bye Bye Undereye is too dark for me so I'll give it to a family member.  I have several tubes of this stuff and I think it's great.  It does take some getting used to because it's a thick formula and you have to use only the teeniest amount and set it if you don't want it to crease, but it has amazing coverage so it's worth the fuss to me.

I have been wearing this stuff all week and one of the things I like the best is that it wears off in a really natural, pretty way.  This is me after a good 12 hours of wear.  Note that my rosacea is peeking through but definitely still masked, and that the makeup isn't patchy or broken up at all, just faded. 

I ordered this set on autodelivery, and cancelled my other IT set with the Celebration Foundation Illumination in it.  This one is definitely a better fit for me - I'm really enjoying it!

Update: To answer Nicole's question, the foundation does have zinc oxide, and all of the products have skincare ingredients in them! 


Nicole Tully said...

I think you talked me into this one! 2 questions for you though…
1. Is there any SPF in any of the products in this kit?
2. Did you order medium or light from QVC? I would usually go with medium, but I'm questioning if I should get Tan since is summer. Any thoughts?

susan said...

I am impressed.... I have minor rosacea and always struggle to keep it covered by the end of the work day... hmmmmm... STOP TEMPTING ME WITH NEW GOODIES!