Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Latest Model

Just a quick Lucia story that made me smile...

I was in Columbus for hearings all last week, and of course the air conditioning went wonky the night I left.  Justin coped by buying this fancy fan, which he "specifically bought with me in mind" because it has little febreeze cartriges to freshen a room.  He knows I hate having air blow on me, so I guess he thought if it was scented air it would make it okay?  I don't know.  It is nice, as far as fans go though, and it does make the room smell like yummy laundry.  Just don't point it in my direction. 

Anyway, Lucy is pretty enamored of the new fan; Justin sent me a video of her parked in front of it, oohing an ahhing at the scent.  When I got home, she dragged me in the living room, tripping over her words because she was SO EXCITED. "Mama, mama, look at our new fan!  Look at our new fan, Mama, it's the latest model!!!"

This cracked me up.  Where the heck does a 2 year old get "it's the latest model" from?

It took a few days, then it suddenly hit me.  I'll throw in some spaces to give you a chance to figure it out.  (Scroll down)



april said...


I had to try to explain what a "fixer upper" was at the dinner table one day.

Lacey said...

Hahahhaaha! I love the things these little sponges pick up on AND THEN use in appropriate context. Little smarty pants!

k said...

HAAAA! Latest model.

Jessica said...

Haaaaa. I'm about to ban Frozen in our house because the kids won't stop bickering over who gets to be Elsa. (Apparently they can't BOTH be.) And yes, this is the boy and girl arguing over it.

Nicole Tully said...

LOL! Kid sare so hysterical!