Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hey, Look! A Blog Post!

Well, that was a completely unintended and unexpected vacation from Blogsville.  I don't think I have ever taken a break this long.  I don't really have a good excuse, I think I got kind of bogged down with needing my posts about the detox to be perfect, and then I got behind because of that, and then I got frustrated because I was behind, and then all of this big deal real life stuff happened. But I'm looking forward to getting all caught up with you guys and to get back to writing.  I missed you guys!

So, the detox.  I lost 13 pounds, hubs lost over 20 and kept going to nearly 30.  We have both since gained back a couple of pounds, but for the most part feel like it was a huge success.  I still plan on wrapping up those posts, for those of you who were interested.  I am also planning on doing another round in October, with the goal of shedding another 10 pounds.  I think it's a pretty easy way to lose weight, even though I'm basically cranky and tired for the whole month.  I feel like it's worth it to be able to fit in my clothes and not feel all bloaty and gross, plus it worked wonders on my rosacea.  I'm not committed enough to make it a lifestyle, but I'll do it 3-4 times a year.

My job...ugh.  Basically, the company I work for has a risky side of the business and a stable/predictable side of the business.  I was working on the riskier side, and my entire group was eliminated as part of a big reorganization.  The company found new jobs for about half of the people whose jobs were eliminated, and I was lucky enough to be in the employed half.  I have a lot of FEELINGS about this, but mostly I'm just pissed that I had a really sweet deal and now I don't.  I loved everything about my old job.  It was 3 minutes from home, I loved the work, I got to work from home half a day on Mondays, I could nap, clean, or work out at lunch...the list goes on and on.  Now I'm in the corporate office, which is probably better for my career (lots of exposure), is where all of my friends work, and I still report to my old boss, but basically sucks in every other way.  Long commute, pay for parking, no free coffee or jeans days and a HELLA STRESSFUL environment.  Everything is due yesterday and is the highest priority.  That is not really how I like to roll.  I have already had one random attack of hives, and I have definitely been feeling anxious and snappy with the girls.  I'm sure I'll get used to it, I'm just really bitter/sad about losing my dream job. 

In other sucktastic news, a good friend / ex boyfriend of mine from high school was recently diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.  He's 35 and a father of 3 and just a really good person, and it's all just horribly unfair.  I took the news really hard, probably harder than I should have considering that we hadn't even seen each other since my wedding reception, but still.  I feel like high school people are always in my heart because we became "who we are" together.  I have been kind of re-evaluating my life and friendships and even my religious views (or lack thereof) as a result of all of this.  I'm still a heathen, but I hate when my friends are going through serious life shit and all I can say is "I'm thinking of you".  At least if I believed in prayer I would feel like I am actually doing something meaningful to help. Instead I'm sending him lame texts, making for real plans to finally get a will, and hugging the girls a little closer at night.  If any of you want to pray or send good thoughts or have suggestions for meaningful things to say when life is bullshit, it's all appreciated. 

On a more positive note, hubs and I are good.  I kind of feel like we got all of the marriage drama out of the way early so it will be smooth sailing from here.  Older couples are probably laughing at me, but whatever, we are in a nice Boring Married People phase right now.  We watch Dexter snuggled up in the couch with some wine (likely while I'm wearing a Target onesie, which was a LIFE CHANGING purchase, btw). 

The kiddos are also awesome and probably deserve their own update post, with lots of adorable pictures for you to ooh and ahh over.  I will add it to the top of my mental blog list.  Other upcoming topics include the detox update, an update on what beauty/lifestyle boxes I'm currently subscribed to, my current skincare routine, a post about workplace fashion since I had to upgrade the wardrobe for the new jobby job, and eventually a room by room house tour (finally).  Anything else you guys want to hear about?  And feel free to tell me what's up with you in the comments, because I have not been keeping up with blogs or twitter (but I do keep up with Instagram, so if I'm not following you please let me know).