Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Enabler Alert: Style Quarterly by Pashbox

YOU GUYS.  After years of searching, I have finally found my dream subscription service.  I am actually kind of nervous to tell you about it, because sometimes when subs get too big it's too hard to keep up with demand and to get as high quality of products...I think that's what happened to Social Bliss, much to my dismay.  But I really want to share this with you because when I find something I'm in love with, I want everyone else to love it too. 

Style Quarterly by Pashbox is a really new subscription service - the December box is only their second box.  You can see the review for September here and December here.  Go look at the pictures, I'll wait.  Amazing, right? Prior to that, it was a monthly scarf sub or a monthly sunglasses sub - I checked out some past reviews and people seemed to love it, so I'm not really sure why the business model changed.  But I'm so glad it did, because the new format is so up my alley it's ridiculous. 

The packaging is GORGEOUS.  The boxes look like they are a really nice quality and they have a beautiful, unique design.  It would make a really nice jewelry storage or gift box.  There are 3-6 beauty and fashion items that also appear to be high quality.  The beauty stuff is focused on bath and body products, which is perfect for me because I already have skincare and makeup out the wazoo due to my other subs.  So far, Style Quarterly has featured small companies whose products have an artisanal feel, like Plum Island Soap Company and Elucx.  Everything seems so luxurious and the perfect way to pamper myself.  The past boxes looked so enticing that I actually just placed big orders with both of those companies because I was so sad to miss out.  I have a feeling that this box will introduce me to a lot of amazing companies I would have never heard of otherwise.

Finally, the customer service is fantastic.  When I first found out about the box, the window for ordering a December box had closed.  I was bummed, so I wrote to the company to see if they had any more December boxes I could purchase.  I received a response within the hour, from Stephanie Bruce herself.  She is the founder and Chief Experience Officer of the company and seems like a genuinely nice person who is really passionate about her job.  She didn't have any more boxes, but she gave me a code I could share with you guys (SQGIFT10), which gives you 10% off the life of the subscription.  It's good through 12/31/14.  I don't get anything out of you signing up other than the sweet satisfaction of sharing something I am really excited about with my friends. 

If this looks like something you would enjoy, go order yourself one and let me know so we can gush to each other about it every quarter!

Update:  More on the code, I apologize for not posting these details earlier!

It will be redeemable up to 75 times and good through 12/31/14. You can use code SQGIFT10 to save 10% off the life of your subscription when you sign up for our Quarterly plan. Subscriptions will start in March of 2015 and will renew on April 1st.


Emily said...

Ok, you sucked me in with this one. I'm dedicating my birthday money to a semiannual subscription (so I can get two boxes before I have to pay for it again and can't make myself justify fitting it into my budget). I hope it stays awesome!

Stephanie said...

Laura, I hope you don't mind me posting on your blog but I just wanted to say that you totally rock! Thank you so much for the kind words. I am seriously blushing over here. I so wish we could have delivered you a December box but we will do our best to make March just as amazing.

Emily, thank you so much for signing up, welcome to Style Quarterly!

Brenna said...

I want! But I also can't get the code to work :(

Laterika Walker said...

Hey I was just able to go on and use the code, did you try to use it for a gift box or semi-annual sub; I think it works for sub only.