Monday, December 1, 2014

Updates + 33 Days of Decluttering

Update the first: I found my ring after it was missing for a full week.  Not too bad in the scheme of lost rings, but way longer than it should have been gone considering that it was definitely in the living or dining room and Lucy only had it for a few minutes.  The area in front of the fireplace always has a few games and a couple of clothing items from my dress up loving girls.  We looked through all of that stuff many times the first couple nights the ring was missing, then one day I shook the clothes out one last time before bringing them back to the playroom and there it was.  I have no idea how we missed it but I'm happy to have it back.  I am now considering resizing them and maybe getting my wedding band and engagement ring fused.  I always thought I didn't want it fused because I might want to wear the band alone, but I have done that approximately zero times in the five years we have been married so maybe it's time.  Thoughts on pros/cons of ring fusion?

Update the second: My allure box came the day after it went on sale thanks to the fact that I preordered this year's boxes.  I am more than a little annoyed that the Rusk texture spray was a travel size.  Not, like, WINTER RUINED annoyed, but annoyed nonetheless.  

Update the third: I didn't end up getting the UD black friday deal because the more I thought about it, the more it frosted my cookies that the lipstick "deal" was $40 more expensive than the year before.  I did, however, get the following at 50% off from Sedona Lace:

- The Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set
- The Se7ven Midnight Lacy Synthetic Brush Set
- The Vortex Synthetic Makeup Brushes (I meant to order the travel set but this was a happy accident)
- The Synthetic Large Paddle Brush
- The Synthetic Tapered Angle Brush
- The Synthetic Rounded Powder Brush
- The Brush Cup Holder

My lovely husband paid for the first 4 items as my Christmas present, which were the ones I actually planned to buy in advance (aside from picking out the wrong set).  But then since I spent $0 and I kind of wanted a brush holder to make up for the fact that the Vortex set didn't come with one and it was all JUST SO EXCITING, I got a couple more brushes.  I am really excited about this purchase because I have never actually bought a set - all of my brushes are random IT Cosmetics face brushes from QVC, tons of Sonia Kashuk eye shadow blending brushes, and a few basic elf eye brushes.  I always thought I'd get the Sigma Make Me Classy set, but Sigma never has enough of a discount to make me pull the trigger.  NOW I HAZ ALL THE BRUSHES!!!  And they all match!  And are pink and black and for some reason this is a thing that appeals to 35 year old me! 

33 Days of Decluttering: I am already dreading the influx of crap that Christmas will bring.  As you may have guessed based upon my goo hoarding and subscription box addiction, plus the fact that I have two kids, we have a lot of crap.  A lot of my fellow makeuptalk-ers are in the midst of a cycle of 33 days of decluttering, which is a concept that originates with Dawn of Minimalist Beauty.  She gets rid of 4 items the first day and 3 every day after that, with the goal of decluttering 100 things in 33 days.  You can donate, gift, or throw it away, but it has to leave your house.  I am hoping to average more than 3 a day, but we will see.  I will probably just mention it here and there and then do a wrap up post showing you all of the crap I got rid of when it's over.  If any of you want to join me we can chat about what we are getting rid of on the twitters. Just let me know.  

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!


Swistle said...

Adorable Thanksgiving-dress girls!

I'm SO GLAD you found your ring!!

Nicole Tully said...

LOVE their thanksgiving dresses!
I sooo want to join the decluttering bandwagon, but I just feel like my head is spinning with so much going on already that the effort it takes to declutter is beyond my capacity at the moment. Hoping the whole nesting thing kicks in soon…could be just what I need to clean house!

Lacey said...

Ahhhhhh the Diniwilks!! Hiiii!

Adorable girlies! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

JEN said...

cute girls in cute dresses!
I lost my glasses. Send help!

Brenna said...

Personal experience on ring fusing: when mine were fused, they only did two contact points, on the sides. This left a gap along the bottom that pulls my hair FREQUENTLY. Every time I run my hand through my hair, or when I wash it, or style it. This should all be past tense, because I don't wear my rings anymore (dermatitis), but it was a major annoyance.

Kara Keenan said...

I tripped on something coming in through the garage on Thanksgiving and had a total hissy fit. Told my husband he has until Saturday to get rid of the catering equipment and drum set that take up at least half of the garage. Needless to say, that sparked purge. We filled up both of the trash barrels cleaning out the garage and random spots in the house where things gather. We have enough stuff for a yard sale on Saturday (IKEA tv stand anyone? 32 inch tube tv?), and we have a whole upstairs of a house to still get to.

My rings are pretty thin platinum settings. I've often thought about switching both of them out for a single, more substantial but plain band. But I haven't done it.

Lacey said...

Forgot to comment on the ring fusing - mine are fused and have been since a couple months after the wedding. I prefer it myself so they are always flush against each other. Looks like they only fused the back of the rings, but my band was made to sit flush against the setting in the e-ring so there is no space anywhere in there.

k said...

I honest to goodness can't believe how bigs your girls are getting. How?