Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter 2015 Day in the Life: Work Day Edition

I wasn't so good about participating in Laura's Day in the Life series last year, and my goal is to hit every season this year.  Ideally I would even like to do both a work day and a weekend day for each season, but let's not get all crazy just yet. 

I'm 35, Justin is 32, Adriana is 5 1/3, and Lucia is 3 1/2.  We don't currently have any pets or houseguests.  We live and work in Akron, OH.  Today is February 4, 2015.  I went to bed around 10 the night before (after watching John Wick with Justin, which I do recommend), and neither kid woke up in the middle of the night (WOOHOOOOO). 

I woke up at 6:00 when Justin's alarm went off, and again at 6:03 when mine did.  I had taken a shower and dried my hair the night before, so I thought I would close my eyes for a bit.  I then woke up at 6:40 when Justin turned the shower on and began mentally stressing out over the time.  Adriana also woke up from the shower noise and crawled into bed with me.  Then Lucia started sobbing "I thought you LOVED ME Adriana, why did you leeeeeeeeeeeave" and my morning officially began.

I didn't remember it was supposed to be a DITL until around 7:15 or so.  By that time I had already chosen an outfit I hate, washed my face with my #sampledout samples of the day, brushed my teeth and hair and helped the kiddos do the same.  The mornings go a lot smoother if I just let them pick out their outfits themselves, but Lucy always gets about halfway done and then starts FREAKING OUT because she hates the way something feels against her skin (usually socks, this time it was a dress and then she hated the shirt I picked).  She refused to get dressed until I yelled, then we both felt crappy.  This is basically an every morning occurrence.  3 is fun. 

We were running late so I slapped on the minimal amount of makeup I could get away with...benefit erase paste, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness, Urban Decay lip pencil in Naked, Laura Mercier caviar stick in Cocoa, and pixi mascara.  I basically look like I have no makeup on when I'm done; I just de-rocasea-ed myself and made my eyes look a touch more awake. 

Also...check out those forehead wrinkles.  33 was the year of the crow's feet, and 35 is the year of the deeeeeeeeeep forehead lines thanks to a lifetime of eyebrow raising.  I think I might get my elevens this year too (right now I just have a one, haha).  Note to self to get some frownies when I am off my no buy.

While I was putting my face on, the girls ate some bananas and took turns crying and being cute.  Adriana bumped her arm on the doorknob when I was taking their picture, so I guess I can't say that no children were harmed in the making of this DITL.  Lucia was just being a butt about having her picture taken. 

We were on track to be in the realm of "on time", and then 1) Lucia sharted and required an outfit change, and 2) I had to search around for my keys.  We have a keyhook, I just suck at using it and then it's scramble time.  Some day I will get my act together.  Sigh.  It was 7:39 before we got in the car; the latest we can get in the car and have a chance of being on time is about 7:30.

Lucia was a grump about putting her coat on, so she used it as a blanket instead. It was 29 degrees today which is practically summer in Ohio, so I wasn't too worried about it.  Plus my car heats up hella fast. 

The girls were super chatty this morning, telling me about what they are learning at school.  It is tooth week, so Adriana told me about a story where the kids got to pick what kind of animal teeth they would want to have.  Adriana wanted shark teeth, then she told me what every single other kid in her class picked.  Then we started talking about the time we found shark teeth at the beach, and Lucia basically recounted our entire vacation in amazing detail.  Remember when we built a giant sandcastle but we didn't have any water so we had to bring a bucket to the ocean and get some water?  Remember how I ate a lot of Cheetos and they were so yummy?  Remember how I had my birthday at the beach?!!  Then we started talking about what kind of birthday parties the kids want this year - a favorite topic of conversation for Lucia, who has been asking for a clown birthday party since she turned 3.  Her teacher doesn't like clowns, so now she is thinking she might want a Cinderella party.  Then both girls thought maybe an Ariel party.  Then Lucy went back to Cinderella and Adriana landed on Jasmine and Aladdin.  Their little brains (and mouths) just never stop, haha.  I love it. 

We pulled into daycare at 7:52, but I took the time to check out some kiddo artwork.  Lucy had spent the entire car ride home last night going on and on about the hearts on her wall; she was SO PROUD of them!  Then I checked out the tooth fairy drawings in Adriana's room.  She was the only kid who wrote "tooth fairy" next to hers instead of her name.  She LOVES to write words and is always asking me how to spell things. 

The girls sat down for breakfast; waffles and milk today.  Lucy told the teacher her tummy still hurt, oops.  Thank goodness I brought in extra undies and pants, I am guessing there might be a repeat performance of this morning's sharting incident.  Hopefully I won't have to come and get her later.  Selfies and lots of hugs and kisses, then I was on my way to work.  It was 8:00 on the dot when I got in my car...if only I could teleport I'd be at work on time!

I called Justin on the drive to work since we barely talked this morning.  In fact, I think the only thing he said to me was "I have to go brush the snow off our cars" and I am not even sure if I said anything to him at all.  Funny because we are usually good at AT LEAST saying goodbye and I love you.  But we got to say both on the phone so all is well. 

I pulled into the parking deck at 8:12.  One of the things that drives me nuts about working downtown is all of the extra time it takes to get from my car to my desk.  I have to drive through 5 floors of the parking deck, walk down the stairs and through the lobby, dig through my purse to get my badge to swipe in at the security desk, stand in a long elevator line, and wait for at least 5 other people to get off the elevator before me, since I'm on the 17th floor.  It was 8:21 before I actually got to my desk.  When I think about the extra 9 minutes twice a day, 5 days a week, I get really angry.  AN HOUR AND A HALF EVERY SINGLE WEEK JUST TO GET IN AND OUT OF THE BUILDING.  My last job I'd park, walk in and be at my desk in 40 seconds. 

My cube is a mess right now, but it sure is nice to come in to some beautiful flowers!  Thanks, hubby!

When I got in my boss wanted to talk about how she felt like I should reduce the number of hours I marked as vacation when the girls were sick, since I did work from home a bit.  I love her. 

I need some breakfast before I can be productive, so even though I came in super late I fixed myself a shake before diving in.  2 scoops of Arbonne chocolate protein powder, 1 scoop of Arbonne fiber, ice and water from allllllll the way down on the 3rd floor.  I tried to take a pic of the 3rd floor vending area, but I got weird looks.

I also stopped for some bathroom selfies, as one does on DITL day.  And was totally busted by yet another coworker.  Oops.  Today I'm wearing an outfit I really hate, but it's been a while since I did laundry.  This is an Ashlyn shirt from the Limited (I hate button downs and refuse to tuck them in), elastic waistband pants from New York & Co. (which are comfy but too big and horribly unflattering in the hip and crotch area), Anne Klein wedge booties (which have salt and snow on them - I HATE WINTER), and my fitbit in it's new Tory Burch necklace home.  My work phone case is the  limited edition Nina Garcia otterbox, which I think you can buy from Best Buy still.  I started my period today and already feel gross from that, so it sucks that I picked an outfit that makes me feel so un-cute.  But that's how it goes every month, right?  It was like 8:45 before I was actually ready to work, oops. 

I settled in for a nice long conference call from 9-12.  It was this call, if you really must know.  Feel free to go read all about how Tier 1 units are compensated in PJM's markets! 

Screenshot from the meeting, so you can all be SUPER JEALOUS of my life:

I have 2 must haves for long calls...a manicure and a cup of tea.  I do pay attention and take notes and all that good stuff in between, I promise.  I am trying to not paint colors on my nails and to instead use the Nailtiques Formula 2 to strengthen them.  I have really shitty nails, they are super thin and peely and have lots of ridges.  Supposedly this works wonders, but I have only been trying it for a few days.  The Murad youth builder hand cream is also pretty new; it was gifted to me as part of the Murad Brand Ambassador program.  It smells divine and it has AHA in it, so it's something I would definitely repurchase.  As is the Julep cuticle oil.  Their pedi cream and their cuticle oil are two products that I will continue to buy as long as they are selling them - both are absolutely fantastic. 

The cup of tea is Arbonne's detox tea.  As you can tell, I am still doing "detox lite" not really following the 28 day detox to a T, but still drinking the shakes, tea, fizz sticks etc. in hopes of losing more weight.  I have lost 8-9 pounds in the time I lost 13 last time, and the slower pace means WAY more energy and less crabbiness on my part so it's working really well for me.  I'm using my Keepcup from the January Popsugar Must Have box, which I love. 

No buy confession...I only lasted 3 days of being unsubscribed from Arianna Huffington's quarterly box.  When we were on a conference call break I checked MSA and Liz has full spoilers for #ARI03 and I am SO GLAD I resubscribed a few days ago.  I am going to return a $100 January Neiman Marcus purchase to make up for it, and try to figure out what else I can do to restore my no buy karma.  But I'm really happy with this decision.  I am reading Arianna Huffington's book Thrive right now and I feel like everything she has to say about life balance and the importance of sleep and mindfulness just really speaks to me right now.  The no buy is going very well otherwise...

My call ended at 12:15.  Normally I either eat lunch at my desk or go walking, especially when I show up to work late.  Akron has a system of tunnels and skywalks so you can actually make it pretty far through downtown without having to go outside for more than a 15 second blast at the very beginning.  But today I was feeling crappy (thanks, period!) so I actually went home for lunch.  This was maybe the second time ever since I started this job.  I really needed it though. 

I made myself a giant plate of of those things where you put down too many chips because it's the end of the bag, then too much shredded beef because it's the last of the leftovers, then too much sour cream and salsa to balance it all out, and at the end of it you're like WHOA.  But I ate the whole fucking thing while watching some Hart of Dixie, and it was amazing. 

New coversheets for the TPS reports

My afternoon was a blur of productivity.  I had to get ready for a 2:00 meeting, then had the meeting, then worked on action items from the meeting.  Good times. 

Around 4:45 I put together a package for the lovely Bianca Jade, then I headed to the post office to send it and the aforementioned Neiman Marcus return before picking the kiddos up from daycare.  Lucy put her coat on with no problems today, which was a lovely change of pace. 

It was about 5:20 before I got out of the post office, then 5:40 before I got out of daycare, so we weren't home until 6.  That is a fairly normal time to for us to get home since I rarely leave work right at 5. 

Thankfully we have discovered the wonderful world of Wildtree freezer meals, and Justin has been a total help with both prepping them and getting them started when he gets home before us.  Tonight's dinner was something like "Lemon Rosemary Chicken and Sundried Tomato Orzo" from the Everyday Meals freezer workshop.  I can't remember if I mentioned this here already or not, but I am now a Wildtree AND an Arbonne consultant (just for the discounts for myself and family/friends, not to make money).  So basically I love pyramid schemes. 

The kids played with their toys while I opened my packages and watched youtube (that lovely lady in the bottom right is from MakeupTIA, a recent discovery).  It was a 3 package day - I got some Crest goodies from Bzzagent and 2 items I ordered with an Amazon gift card I got for Christmas - a tweezerman manicure set and a jonathan adler zebra dish I have wanted ever since it was featured in last year's popsugar / Neiman Marcus box.  Then we all ate our dinner in the living room like heathens.  Note that Lucia is now pantsless; we all have the habit of whipping our clothes off the second we get through the door.  I typically put on leggings and a t shirt, hubs hangs out in his boxers, and the girls take clothes off and put different clothes on basically all night.  Real life, yo. 

After dinner Justin went upstairs to game while I snuggled with the kiddos.  It's pretty typical for us to give each other the night off on the weekdays (weekends are family time).  We go through phases where we hang out all of the time or where we want alone time all of the time.  We just finished watching Dexter together so we are both in alone time mode.  I get to hang out with my friend Katie this week, so this night was Justin's turn. 

I wasn't up for playing with dolls, so we watched the Boxcar Children on Netflix.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED that book at a kid, but as an adult I just have SO MANY QUESTIONS.  Why had they never met the grandfather?  How did their parents die, and why were they able to escape so easily?  What made the grandfather suddenly decide he wanted to be a part of their lives?  I don't exactly remember how the book goes, but in the movie he was just like "My bad, I hope you forgive me, here's a werther's and let's play checkers."  And, as Shalini pointed out, wtf is up with them stealing the boxcar and moving it to their new backyard?  I feel like logistically that would be a nightmare. 

Around 7:45 the girls went to the playroom to entertain themselves while I hopped in the shower.  I had a massage scheduled at 8:30 so I needed to shave my legs and pits.  Because my masseuse does PIT WORK.  Yep, that was one of the first things she ever said to me - do you mind if I do a little pit work?  It is surprisingly nice, I can actually feel tension leaving my body when she does it.  It's nice enough that I forgive her other weird techniques, like the time she PULLED THE SHEET OVER MY WHOLE HEAD AND PROCEEDED TO FLAP MY BUTTCHEEKS TOGETHER FOR 5 MINUTES.  Oh, Massage Envy, you have the weirdest employees.  But they all give great massages if you can make it through the weirdness. before the massage I did my skincare routine with all samples for #sampledout and read some Thrive in the waiting room.

I got home around 10:00 and Justin was already asleep, so I joined him.  Another 10 pm bedtime with no kid wakeups, I might actually be well rested this week!!!