Monday, August 3, 2015

Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living vs. Arbonne 28 Day Detox

28 Day Detox overview here and results here.

Sometime in the year since I first discovered Arbonne, they switched their program from the "28 Day Detox" to "30 Days to Healthy Living".  This is not at all surprising to me, because when I was first researching Arbonne I found a ton of variations on the plan.  Arbonne tweaks the diet every year or two based on whatever the lastest buzzword is - I found plans where carbs, gluten, and toxins all took their turn being the bad guy. 

The newest approach focuses more on the good guys than targeting any specific bad guy (at least on the surface), and is no longer marketed as a "detox" (which you know makes me happy if you read my original critique of the program).  The first post in the August 3 Healthy Living Bootcamp facebook group is a Clean Eating Challenge Guide, where Five Key Areas of Fitness are listed as follows:

1.  Eat Clean
2.  Increase Nutritional Intake
3.  Eliminate Allergenic, Addictive, and Acidic Foods
4.  Balance Blood Sugar
5.  Support Elimination Organs

The Eat Clean goal is where Arbonne promotes the same "Organic = good, Toxins/GMOs = bad".  Honestly, I am still not really sold on this.  I recently read a really amazing Slate article that nicely summed up my opinions of GMOs without me having to do any research beyond what I did back when I was getting a Master's degree in Biology (which I realize is all outdated now).  The merits of organic foods are a little trickier...I feel like if I were to really dig into this, it would probably provide evidence that my gut reaction is right - that organic foods are kind of a scam / waste of money.  I know I have heard stuff like a lot of organic farms being right next to traditional farms and being exposed to the same type of pesticides, etc., but I haven't done any research myself to substantiate claims on either side of the issue.  I think if all of the claims about the benefits of an all organic diet were found to be actually true then obviously that would be the way to go, but I just don't know enough about it and tend to lean towards skepticism.  I won't go so far as to say eating clean is bullshit (like I did with the word "detox") but I do think your weight loss results will be exactly the same whether you buy organic/non-GMO or not. 

As far as the other goals go, I'm glad Arbonne is finally providing better explanations about the avoid list (Allergenic / Addictive / Acidic foods) because that was definitely something I thought was confusing the first time I did the 28 Day Detox.  The rest just seem to be ploys to make people buy more Arbonne products.

The new kit includes
- Protein Shake (2 bags, 1-2 shakes a day)
- Daily Fiber Boost (1 bag, 1-2 scoops a day)
- Energy Fizz Sticks (2 boxes, 2x per day before 4pm)
- Herbal Detox Tea (2 boxes, at least 2x per day)
- 7 Day Cleanse (1 box, start day 14)
- Digestion Plus (1 box, 1 pack a day)

This is the exact same kit at the 28 Day Detox kit except it includes Digestion Plus and the 7-Day Cleanse instead of 2 bags of the fit chews.  Oh, and it's $402 instead of $307.  The diet is basically exactly the same as the 28 Day Detox, just with those extra products added. 
The guide to the program also suggests incorporating the following products:
- Arbonne Essentials Power Packs for Men and Women (1 pack a day)
- Arbonne Greens Balance (1 scoop a day)
- Arbonne SeaSource Detox Spa Purifying Sea Soak (1 packet twice a week)

So, to recap...the new program focuses on "eating clean" instead of "detoxing", adds $95 worth of product and suggests another $200+, but is otherwise exactly the same as the last program.

As I mentioned above, I'm in the August 3 group, and I really do plan to give it my all this month.  I own the Greens Balance (it is DISGUSTING no matter how you try to drink it) and the Digestion Plus so I will go ahead and use those up this round, plus do the 7 day Cleanse (my mom had an extra box).  I really don't think they are necessary for this program to be successful though, and I have no intention of purchasing any of them after this round.

Since this is the first time I have done the program all month since last June, I may do a typical week on the program or post recipes or do product reviews.  At a minimum, I will post my results again if I stick with it all month.  Good luck to anyone starting the program!!!