Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Capsule Wardrobe / Bandwagon Jumping

While I am not a trendy person in general, I love jumping on internet trend bandwagons just to see what they are all about.  If 9000 twitter friends are talking about it, it can't be all bad, right?  Internet ladies know what's up.  Even if I don't stick to the trend (*cough*KONMARI*cough*) or if I am buying something just to wear it ironically (*cough*LULAROE*cough*)(which totally backfired, the leggings are actually awesome so far) I like to at least see what the big dealio is with whatever is all the rage. 


For some reason, even though capsule wardrobes have been allllll over the place for several years, I just haven't been motivated to try it out.  I will look at the pictures and read the blogs for outfit inspiration (un-fancy is my favorite because we have very similar taste), but it usually only resulted in me buying the linked items I liked and doing nothing to reduce my clothes hoarding tendencies.  Every once in a while I'll start to make a capsule wardrobe list, but I never followed through. 


In a weird twist of fate, a few weeks ago I started binge-reading un-fancy again because I saw that Caroline was back from her hiatus, which resulted in my loosely planning yet another capsule I wasn't really going to actually follow through with.  Then the other day my SIL mentioned she was interested in doing a capsule, asked if I have ever used the Stylebook app (I haven't...have you??), and mentioned un-fancy.  Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm wondering if she maybe mentioned being interested in capsules and that is why I started reading un-fancy again?  Seems weird that we were reading the same blog at the same time.  Hmm...At any rate, we decided to be Capsule Wardrobe Accountability Partners. 

Here are all of the things that have been roadblocks for me in the past:

1) I am a total clothes hoarder...once I have already bought an item, it seems weird to get rid of it or store it instead of just letting it be part of my wardrobe until it falls apart. 

2) While I can go for months without shopping, I also am really good at binge-shopping when there are store-wide 50% off sales at limited or loft. I hate the idea of only shopping at the beginning of the season and missing the end of season sales.


3) I just can't get behind only having 33 or 37 things for 90 days.  I have to wear business casual (and occasionally full on suits) for work, and IMMEDIATELY bust out comfy clothes at home. 


4) Work is air conditioned and Justin keeps our house cold, so I need 7000 layers all of the time.


5) My laundry schedule is erratic.


Here are all of the reasons I need to ignore all of the above:

1) I am a total clothes hoarder...I am hoping that proving to myself that living with less is completely doable.  Just thinking about having a set number of clothes in my closet and either donating or storing the rest already makes me feel lighter.


2) Less shopping = less crap all over my house to deal with.


3) Less shopping = more money for super fun things like paying off my endless student loans.

4) I don't need to follow anyone else's rules, I can make my own and flex if I need to. 

5) I suspect it will result in less laundry, and a more predictable laundry schedule would probably be better for the whole fam.


I have no idea if I'll ever get around to taking pretty pictures of my clothes and linking to the stuff that is still available, but I might do it since that's my favorite part of other people's capsule wardrobe posts.  Here are the "rules" I am going to loosely follow, with the giant caveat that I will be flexible if I need to.  I'm not going to keep hate-wearing a top just for the sake of having a capsule; I'll switch it out. 


This is for April-May Ohio weather, which is all over the freaking place.  It snowed like 3 inches yesterday before getting back up to 60 degrees.  Seemed to make sense to switch to summer for Jun-Aug, mainly because Sept will always be fall to me.


I ended up with 33 work pieces, 22 casual, and no big deal if I wear casual stuff to work and vice versa. 


I'm not including coats, shoes, jammies, or workout clothes in this number, BUT I am going to have mini capsules and store the rest in the spirit of living lighter.

I'm not including bags, scarves, and jewelry, and I will have "core pieces" that I will wear more than others, but I will let myself go outside of the core set if I am getting bored and need a change. 


Here's my list, just in case I never photograph or link anything.  My friend Tara asked if it's a requirement that you wear all black in a capsule wardrobe, which made me laugh.  I just like black.  My wardrobes have been 99% black since like 7th grade.  Early capsule adopter!  I mix in some purples and cranberries at work; I tend to hate anything I own that is a spring-y color. 

So, how did I do?  Is this an appropriate amount of clothing to look professional / not repeat too much in a corporate setting?  Have you ever tried a capsule wardrobe?  I'd love to read about it if you posted it!


Jessica said...

I'm a project sort of girl, so the capsule-type stuff I've done has been more along the line of clothing challenges. Or maybe just "I was bored in spring 2013" challenges :)

This was wearing 7 items for 7 days:

And 31 items for 31 days:

I should note that I just read the 31x31 post and kind of cringed at the items. I own almost none of it any more! Also, I didn't need work clothes at that point, so these are just stay-at-home mom clothes. I think the number of items you have looks good for work + home.

The 31x31 challenge was in a Flikr group and I apparently never posted all the outfits on my blog, but I did wear a different one each day for those 31 days. I still have the photos!

Mary said...

This is going to be fun to follow. Please post on your blog more often! I love reading your entries. Have been wondering about how your girls are doing after you posted last fall. Glad you're back!

JEN said...

This is the problem - I too live in the Midwest. We have four distinct seasons. Do you know how many coats I have ? - heavy winter, light winter, spring dressy, spring casual, rain, etc. sandals and boots and sneakers (both running and regular). I blame the weather.

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Steph Lovelady said...

So, I'm seven months late here, but how did it go?

I could probably get by on a small wardrobe as I tend to wear the same things over and over. But it's hard to for me to get rid of the stuff I never wear.

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