Hi!  I'm Laura.  I'm a thirty-something working mother of Adriana (born 2009) and Lucia (born 2011) and wife of Justin.  I (jokingly) call our family the Diniwilks (pronounced "Deenie Wilks"), hence the name of the blog.  

I like to read, cook, crochet, watch terrible tv, travel, take pictures, play with makeup, run, do outdoorsy things, drink wine and diet coke, and eat indian food (well, FINE, I pretty much eat ALL food).  There are a lot of other random factoids here and here and here and here.  

I write because I want some sort of a record of our life, but I'm not so good at keeping up on regular documentation (weekly pregnancy posts, quarterly letters to the kids, etc.)  I tend to write about whatever strikes my fancy at the time, so if I'm on a health kick you might see a bunch of Couch to 5K posts, and if I'm on a makeup kick you will see a lot of subscription service and product reviews.  I like to make lists with unattainable goals.  I also like to complain about my mother in law.  

I write because I LOVE getting to know people I wouldn't know otherwise.  Now that I'm old and married and a mom, I don't get out and make new "real life" friends the way I used to.  I love getting emails (diniwilks at gmail dot com) or comments, it really makes my day.  You can also use that email address to find me on goodreads.  I go by @lauradiniwilk on twitter, pinterest, and instagram, and ldini79 on gems with friends and similar iphone games.  Basically, I use social media to be social, so feel free to find me wherever and come say hi.